The Games People Play

I am in so deep with the biggest time sucker ever. My Kindle. It has become my pacifier. I take it with me when I leave the house. When I'm home, it's in my hands. I sleep with it. Well, not with it but I take it to bed with me. Not to bed but on my nightstand where I play the best little app to put me to sleep. It has not been turned off for months. Before I actually go to sleep I sometimes listen to a police scanner and play a game or two of solitaire. I check the free apps everyday and have got most of my games that way.

A friend of mine got me started on Words With Friends. The only thing I knew about it was that it got Alec
Baldwin kicked off a plane. I've played everyday since; losing mostly but it's still fun. Right now I'm playing a nice woman in Texas and my friend in Colorado and a few others. I even got my daughter started; I am a bad mother.

Where my Mom lives, they have free wifi at the office but her house is just a little too far away for me to keep a signal. But one day I found that if I go in her bedroom I can get a good one. So while I was working, I was sneaking in her bedroom to play. Oh God, I think I need an intervention!

More often than not I'm sitting with my laptop on my lap and the Kindle next to me so I can do both while watching TV of course. It's when I'm my happiest and I get twitchy if either is out of my reach for very long.

The weeds are getting taller and my ass is getting wider. But I guess there are worse addictions in life. I could be sitting on a bar stool like my Dad did for years, or 6 feet under like Cory Monteith. At least I'm sitting at home with my family getting my Kindle on.


Grumpy said…
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
Claire M. King said…
I laughed my ass off at your last paragraph-especially. We all have our addictions...don't we?
Mulled Vine said…
I have this great photo of my daughter and me sitting on the sofa, each with a laptop, chatting to each other on Facebook. I carry my iphone with me all the time, except for the shower. Weeds are only a problem if you classify nature's natural flowers as such. The key to happiness and contentment is acceptance of all that one can't be bothered to do. :)
Peruby said… got it bad.
bill said…
I've been checking my activiyies and going over my daily routine to see if I have any adictions. If so I'm going to toss them immediately. I've even tossed Sudoku and all my word puzzles.
kden said…
But those are good for the brain addictions Bill. That's what I tell myself anyway.
fernvalley01 said…
I am stuck on scrabble, words with friends and this silly assed candy crush!!Help!!!

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