The S.L.U.T.'s Are Back!

Do you remember three years ago when I went to my first S.L.U.T. get together? After a long wait, we finally gathered again. The year after that was just a class reunion and there was no party last year so I was really excited for this one.

Most of the others get there on Thursday or Friday but I didn't arrive until Saturday. They had already done their boating, tubing, and drinking, so by Saturday we're mostly sitting around. It had cooled some so the weather was pretty decent.

We did take a short boat ride but mostly just enjoyed the surroundings and gabbing away.

Sunset from the dock
Rhonda, Sharon, Evelyn, Pam (our hostess), Barb and I. And
Susie the dog.
I enjoyed watching the 15 or so Hummingbirds buzzing around all day long. It's kind of noisy when you get that many together.

Barb got dressed before I did and I laughed when I saw her shirt. I had brought the same one; the ones we bought in Dutch.

The Alaskan Girls!
I admit it wasn't as fun as the first year I went and at times I was bored. I'm not really sure I will go next year, considering Pam did not even know I was coming (meaning no invitation was extended--except by Barb) but I did enjoy seeing a few people and spending a beautiful day lakeside.


bill said…
kden said…
It kinda felt like it Bill. Just like high school all over again.....
Mr. Shife said…
Maybe you just were not meant to be a S.L.U.T. Sorry it was not the best of the times but it sounds like you made the most out of it. Enjoyed the pictures. Have a nice weekend, kden.
Claire M. King said…
Good for you for pushing your boundaries and including yourself in what must have been an oversight of the invitation.

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