Wurt The Furk?

I just love this picture! My Mom found it on her favorite Facebook page but was afraid to share it so I thought it should have a nice home here. It kind of summed up the day I was having.

Maybe it was the heat but every single thing just irritated the crap out of me. I don't deal with heat and having two days in a row hitting 100 I was melting from the inside out. My head hurts and I have a hard time walking from point A to B.

First thing in the morning we realize our land line phones are not working. Any call that comes in the ringer only rings about 1/2 a ring and then stops. If you're on the other end, all you hear is a busy signal. We could call out a little but it was full of static. Plus our dsl router needed to be reset several times that day. We waited it out a day but finally had to call for a repairman.

Less than an hour later I'm pulling into the grocery store lot to shop for my Mom and I want to pull in my favorite spot which has a tiny little tree for shade. Some guy is coming down the row in the wrong direction, blocking me and then proceeds to back in to my spot. I gave him one of those looks only a pissed off woman can and he was afraid to get out of his car. We both sat in our cars waiting each other out because he knew I was going to lambaste him when he got out. Finally I gave up and went in the store but I was looking for him. Lucky for him I didn't find him, he was probably hiding from me.

When I got to my Mom's, my older brother was still there from doing her yard work. He just retired so now has taken over her lawn duty. They were sitting in the living room and joking that 'Hazel' had arrived. Most of the time I don't mind being called that and we even joke about it, but I wasn't in the mood. I didn't even talk to them and just went about my 'Hazel like' duties.

As soon as I left there the temps were climbing and it had hit 100. I had to go to Walmart to do our my own shopping. It was busy and I was so darn grumpy trying to fight the crowd. When I left the store I could hear a dog barking. My Mommy/Pet Lover instincts go into high drive and I started driving around looking for a dog trapped in a car. It took me about 5 minutes to circle around before I found it. I saw a woman on her phone with Crime Check, then 2 more women pulled up and I started calling Animal Control. After a few minutes the Redneck and his teenage son walked up and wondered what the problem was. All four of us hens started pecking and he got mad and said the dog was only there for '3 minutes'. Sweetie, I'm not that stupid. If you can get in and out of Walmart in three minutes then you should win an award. He let the dog out and they filled their ice chest with ice and drinks and the dog's tongue was practically dragging on the ground. We all gave up our phone calls and the other 3 women left. I stuck around just to give him one more piece of my mind. He told me what I could do with that little piece of information. As I drove home my heart was doing big flip flops and not the same kind as when I see Capt. Whatshisname. Maybe I need to look into an anger management class.

I finally settled and cooled down enough just to leave again at rush hour to take my daughter to a Yoga class that a high school teacher of hers was teaching. Normally I would not travel across town in 100 degree weather but it was a coupon for a free session and it would expire soon. Well frankly I think I was about to also. Through construction, we finally found the place and I took her in. It was 78 in there and although a little cooler than outside, there was no air moving and I got hot pretty quick. So I opted to sit out in the car in the shade with the windows down so I could nab some free wifi from a neighboring business. It was a very uncomfortable 75 minutes. We didn't get home until almost 7:30 and I was done for the day. I felt like a big melted pile of goo.

So I have found my new favorite expression, WURT THE FURK?


bill said…
Bad day in Blackrock, huh? We all have them once in a while. You do seem to have a lot going on in your corner of the Universe. You gotta pace yourself, girl. It may be a long hot summer and my sweat glands have already been working overtime. But, a little goog news for you. I look into my crystal ball and see everything coming up roses all next week. Hoping.
Grumpy said…
Well, you accomplished one thing; now when I go anywhere with a parking lot I make a lap around it in the car looking for dogs and children in closed cars.

I have a tool with a tip on it that will break glass. Supposed to be used if you run your car into a body of water and can't lower the windows. I won't hesitate to use it if I see a dog or kid left in a hot car. Let the police sort it out later.
kden said…
Stu, considering two babies died in hot cars this week it's a good habit to get into.

Thanks for a peek in your crystal ball Bill :-)
Peruby said…
Leaving a dog in a hot car makes my blood boil. If I ever found a baby or small child left unattended in a hot car I would literally explode.

The heat really adds to our anger. It is a comfort thing. Like pain. If you are uncomfortable you are going to lash out.

Stores that are too hot tick me off. If they want customers to shop, they better make their customers comfortable - that's all I gotta say.
Mulled Vine said…
He was always my favourite muppet. :) I'll have to borrow this picture.
Claire M. King said…
I think if you share that photo too much-it will become a lot of people's favorite saying. Including mine!

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