I Saw My Johnny!!

Yes, I'm looking at YOU Kden!!
Excuse me but I'm all giddy again because I had the pleasure of seeing and having my picture taken for the third time with my heartthrob.

I saw an announcement on FB that my FAVORITE Deadliest Catch Captain would be in Coeur d' Alene, ID one Saturday to sign his children's books. He wrote and illustrated them while he was laid up with broken ribs  last year after getting thrown off of a bull. It was during a car show, which I normally would avoid; but I would have walked over hot coals to get there. He does a lot of appearances in Coeur d' Alene because his Mom is from the area and he considers it his second home. And good for us, it's just a quick 45 minute drive across the border.

It took us awhile to find a place to park with the re-routed streets but we walked right to the store where he would be. We were 15 minutes early and there were only 2 girls ahead of in line. He was right on time which was kind of surprising. He was very relaxed and  happy to just chat and take pictures. Some people asked questions and it was really nice event without a big crowd. I reminded him of the last time I saw him; stranded in Dutch at the motel. He said...and I quote "I think I remember that". Sure maybe he was bullshitting me but I don't care, I took it anyway. I wish I had brought the picture from that day for him to sign, darn. Daughter bought a book for him to sign as well as a picture for a friend and we bought a few cans of smoked salmon. I made him sign that too. I know, I'm crazy.

I handed my camera to the guy behind me and asked if he could take a picture of all of us.

We all huddled together and the guy said, "Uh, you're blocking your husband".

I replied, "I don't care". But I scooted over closer to my Johnny so hubby could be seen. Husbands....sometimes they just get in the way of your boyfriends.



Grumpy said…
This is getting creepy.
kden said…
Slightly obsessed but not creepy....yet.
Claire M. King said…
LOL! Glad you are giddy about something girl!
bill said…
Let's not lose perspective now, after all you're going to be a grandmother soon.
Aries said…
Deadlieast Catch is my hubby's favorite show. If he was there it might have been him busy taking his photo instead of me. Hahahah. Lovely photos. Happy blogging to you.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome kden. So glad to read all about this, and you do look pretty happy in the photo. I will have to look up the children's books especially if they are about fishing because Kyle likes fishing. And I wanted to let you know that my in-laws do live in Washington State. In a tiny, tiny place called Farmington. Have a great weekend.
fernvalley01 said…
how cool is that!

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