With Honors

I thought I better get around to posting a picture of my daughter's graduation. This is a professional picture taken by a studio. I'm glad we got at least one good one.

After the ceremony it was so darn crowded and took so long for what little family that came, to find each other (truthfully, because my husband had to pee). After a few shots, my older brother and his wife said they had to go, and took off. My younger brother and his wife didn't come because it was hers as well as her Mother's 90th birthday and they were having a party. So it was just Hubby and I, youngest step-son, his Mom and fiance as well as my oldest brother and wife. We had a small lunch earlier in the day at the house with one other guest. I tried to make it the best I could for her and hope it was enough. So there were only a few pictures taken and only one with all three of us; I'm very sad about that. We may have to make her dress back up in her cap and gown to get more pictures in the backyard with all of us.

She wore 2 different cords, one for being in The National Honor Society and the other for being on the Honor Roll. It was a beautiful thing! Although she received a 4.0 for the last quarter it still wasn't enough to earn her the Presidential Scholarship from EWU. She needed a cumulative GPA of 3.8 and received a 3.792. I was crushed when I saw the score. Not only will it hurt our wallet because it was worth 12K over four years, but she worked so darn hard all year and really pushed it at the end to earn the 4.0. She'd go in after school to get math help and do quiz corrections. I told her I just wanted her best and if that's what she did, then it was good enough for me. But it's a shame that she can't be rewarded for her best.

She won't be the first kid starting her college career in debt, but I would just like to keep it to a minimum. And all those people that tell you to look for scholarships online? It's a joke. They are so specific to either race, religion, location, area of study or a multitude of other stipulations that it's not worth the time and effort. We had this huge list to go by and one after another was crossed off because she wasn't *this or that* and just gave up. The Presidential Scholarship was the best shot we had. She will get a smaller one automatically from Eastern but it's kind of like a crappy consolation prize.

I can show you a few of the bad pics. This is what I had to look at throughout the whole ceremony, two ratted head women who looked like they just got up. When I was taking pictures of them, a woman from behind me tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and she was laughing at what I was doing. I showed her my pic and said, "It looks like a cat on her head!" Seriously women, you need to look in the mirror before you go out and think that someone might actually want to look over or around your disgusting hair to see something.
She learned hair styling from her mother on the right

And then at that crucial time when your kid walks across the stage to accept their diploma......and some skinny old lady has to pee. Really lady? You couldn't wait 3 seconds or see that someone has their camera poised and ready? I knew it would be a crappy shot because we were so far away but still I didn't want a skinny pink ghost lady photo bombing my shot!

So there you have it; the good, the bad, and the ugly of Graduation day 2013.


Peruby said…
Laughing at the hair and cursing with you at the pink ghost! WTF!

Even so - congrats to you and your daughter! Beautiful.
Grumpy said…
You all should be proud, the graduate the most.
bill said…
It's something to graduate with honors. Unless a student is in sports and is very good at his or her sport, scholarships are a hit and miss affair, mostly miss. Both my kids racked up huge debts getting their education and it took years to pay it off. But that's life in thee United States unless you're well off. What she has accomplished already is something to be extremely proud of. I wish her some good luck. You, too.
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats to your daughter and you and your husband. You guys looks so happy in your picture and look extremely proud of your daughter. I am glad there was more good than bad. Take care.
fernvalley01 said…
Sucks about the pics being ruined with the wild hair and photo bomber, but Congrats to your daughter!!! well done
Claire M. King said…
Congratulations to Faith-and you and hubby. She didn't do it on her own. Sorry you didn't get a camera full of pics. But the one of you three is really nice!

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