Teacher/Coach Falsely Accused of Rape

Another local story. A high school basketball coach and teacher was accused recently of raping a then 15 year old girl in her own home last year. The girl and her mother went to the police station to report it. The teacher was put on paid administrative leave until the investigation was over.

From the moment I heard the story it didn't sound right to me. I don't know the teacher and I know that these things do happen.....but it sounded fishy from the beginning.

So it came as no surprise when charges were dropped because she had fabricated the whole story. Why?? Who knows what goes on in the mind of a young girl that would accuse someone of such a crime.

What parent would accompany her child to the police to report a crime without doing a little digging themselves? This is not a case of someone saying "she took my ipod" or "he called me a name". This is a horrible crime to be accused of. He has a wife and kids and thankfully supportive friends that stood by him. The whole thing was over in two weeks but the pain he and his family went through will last a long time.

And the real kicker is that she will not be charged for falsifying a claim such as this. She will receive counseling, but that should be part of the punishment for filing a false report. To me this sounds like a slap on the wrist and saying it's OK to put a man and his family through hell just because she is having a hard time in life. The teacher's attorney said no decision has been made about whether to sue the girl and her family.

It is hard enough for women to be taken seriously when they are raped. These type of women make it more difficult for those who are afraid to report their attacker.

Being falsely accused of something as evil as this is a life changing event. You become less trusting of the world and always look behind you waiting for the next attack. Paranoia rules your life and you can't make friends as easily as you used to.

Women, and men for that matter, should really think about the ramifications of what a false accusation can bring, to them and the people that they are accusing.


Shrav said…
such creatures do exist!:(:(
Signe said…
It's crazy...I can't imagine what would be going on in her scrambled brain to do something so life altering to an innocent person. I'm sure she needs the counseling, but that's hardly sufficient punishment!
lunaticg said…
This kindda person you just need to kick their ball!

Many of them will be out real soon. Should treat them like animal also.

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