My 13 year-old Daughter just had a Baby

Well I have officially joined the ranks of being the parent of an unwed teenage daughter. I really don't know how it happened. I guess I wasn't watching her close enough. One day she goes of to school and the next day she's pregnant. She's so embarrassed and even as I took her picture before the blessed event, she couldn't even look at me. I don't know what we are going to do. I'm 50 and my husband is 62 for God's sake. We used to get mistaken for her grandparents and NOW I'm afraid we will look like great grands.

The day she gave birth was just like any other day. She was just getting ready for school and it happened so fast. She was rushing around and had this big project to finish for that day and then all of a sudden a big gush and out came.....a 5 lb sack of flour!

That's right, a 5 lb sack of flour. It was a project in her Life Skills class to tote around and care for a flour baby for three days. They had to take it to class and everywhere they went. If they had after school activities they had to pay for a baby sitter. It was optional for them to set their alarm a few hours after they went to bed and care for the baby. She was all ready to do it but then changed her mind. That's OK, the next afternoon I made her hold the baby while she was doing homework, eating dinner and putting dinner dishes away. She complained that her arms were sore.

I really enjoyed this project but I know she didn't. Even though these kids are only in the 8th grade, they need so see what a few moments of so-called pleasure can bring them in the future. And it was also fun to tell her about how much fun we had when she was born, including colic, projectile spitting up and general fussiness.

She was a hard baby to raise in those terms but she has never caused us one bit of anguish as far as getting into trouble (or pregnant for real). The early years were all worth it.


Mistakes Made said…
Haha, you actually got me with the beginning. I'm glad it was just a project though. The sad reality is that teen pregnancies happen all the time. Its gotta be up to the schools but especially the parents to educate their kids and prevent these things from happening.
I am glad that it was 5lb flour!!! I am glad that they have programs like this in school. When I was growing up my mom gave me a rose and tried to tell me me about the birds and the bees and that I was the rose!!!lol
Creative Junkie said…
I think programs like this are invaluable. Our district has some sort of health/parenting class in high school where a boy and girl are teamed up and they have a computerized baby doll to take care of for one weekend. It's programmed to cry, pee, poop, etc., at various times and then there's some sort of printout at the end that shows whether the "baby's" needs were attended to and how quickly. The boy and girl have to agree who is going to take care of the baby on which day, etc.

It really is an eye opening experience for them.
kden said…
Mistakes: I'm glad the schools have this program but I agree that it's up to the parents to keep stressing the points at home.

undiary: A rose? Sounds like something my mom would do. When I started my period I was pretty clueless. She gave me a couple of pamphlets and told me to talk to her if I had any questions. Yea, like I was going to do that!

junkie: I hope that is offered when she starts high school. I wonder how I would do now with such a program ;-)
Anonymous said…
Hi M. Yea, I wonder too how "she" would do with that project.
Signe said…
Holy crap, I nearly peed my pants!!
kden said…
I knew that post would get your attention ;-) I forgot to say that all of the beautiful babies were given up for adoption to a nice charity for all to enjoy.

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