In A Non-Complaining Funk

I've been in a funk for awhile now and am wondering if I will continue with this blog. I can't believe that I am out of things to complain about, because I am so good at it ;-) I mean, that was the whole premise of starting this blog and now I feel like there's not much more to say.

So I thought maybe I should write about a few good things for a change.

I am finally getting better. Sleeping in a chair for a week-and-a-half due to my coughing has not been fun...for anybody in this house.

I had full blood tests done last week, not relating to my cold, and everything came back great, except for being a little low in the hormone department. So that means no harping on my cholesterol, sugar, etc. I'm pretty happy about that. Now I just need to work on that hormone thing. Do I just start eating a bunch of yams?

My husband's boss gave our daughter a sizable check to help her with a trip (educational) she is taking over Spring Break in 2009. We are approaching businesses for sponsorship and my dh just thought he would ask his bosses. It was quite a shock to see such a big check from someone who lives in another state and has never met me or our daughter (dh has met him once).

I'm very thankful that: we are not hungry, can make our mortgage payments, mostly keeping warm, have jobs, are healthy, and have a great kid.

But most of all I'm thrilled that we will be led by Barack Obama for the next 4 years. I'm not the smartest when it comes to politics and generally don't like to discuss it. But this election year I have been following things quite closely and am very happy with the outcome. 'Nuff said.

So, that's my non rant for the day and I hope I get back to normal soon.


Anonymous said…
I'm with you - great news about the election! Woohoo! Four much better years coming up!
Signe said…
You can come hang out with me for a while....I'm sure I could help you out with topics to complain about :P

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