The Lady Looks Like A Dude

I just read the headlines at MSN that the 'Pregnant Man', Thomas Beatie, is expecting another child. I don't have a problem with transsexuals. It's their business and I can't judge them for what they have gone through to get them to a place to make that kind of a decision to have a sex change operation. He's married, has a child already and looks very happy. Although I have seen a picture of him before his operation and she was very pretty.

But I don't think he can truly be called a man although he is legally, because when he had his operation he kept his female parts intact. He's also taking female hormones to sustain this child and did not resume his testosterone after giving birth to his first child.

This is not a medical miracle. Why does the media keep touting him as a Pregnant Man? No matter how manly you look on the outside, if you still have girlie parts, you are a girl. His baby was not born out of his penis, it came out of his vajayjay. Even if he had a c-section, them are still girl parts.

And where I come from, that makes you a girl.


Anonymous said…
I'm with you! I can't believe how big a deal they are making out of what is basically just another woman having a baby. It strikes me that maybe they are doing this just to get the attention.

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