Grade Schooler Gets Mugged on Way To Bus

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore but this sure did. We live in a quiet neighborhood and are friendly with most of our neighbors so we generally know what's going on.

We also live across the street from a high school which brings its own problems of smoking, parking, and garbage. Last week my husband and I saw 4 teenage boys skateboarding a few houses away in an elderly man's driveway. Being an older man we knew he was not going to go out and confront the boys. As we came back from our walk we just stood in the alley and watched them; thinking they would move on. I wished we had stayed out just two more minutes.

A boy and girl from our neighborhood has to walk one block from their house, down the alley to the bus stop. Three of these truant high school boys grabbed them and threw the little boy up against the fence and demanded his lunch money. Do people really do that anymore!?!?!?! He said he would beat him up if he didn't hand it over. They let the little girl go and she ran off to the bus stop. The one teen who did not participate, grabbed his friend and threw him off the little boy. He then ran to the bus stop and his mother didn't know anything about it until he got home from school. He was too scared to tell anybody at school. But he did remember enough to give the police complete descriptions of them all, down to their shoes and socks. It didn't take them long to find them because they are known truants and in trouble a lot.

One of the family members has always walked him to the bus and then met him after school. But one of the older daughters' boyfriend told the mom that she should let the boy 'man-up' and walk himself. So....that day she didn't go.

The little boy's mom is not one to mess around with and the one boy knew that because of prior dealings with her. So when they were all caught, he squealed like a girl to the cops about his friends. The boys were charged with two felony counts each and if they had actually gotten any money it would have been three counts. the cops told them that they should feel lucky that they caught them instead of her!

The little girl was pulled out of school the next day by the cops but she didn't want to talk about, so she may not make a good witness if this is taken to court. But I hope it is and I hope these boys get their just rewards, hanging out with bigger and badder boys in the big house.


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