Pawty? Tonight? Oh, I don't know........

Ok, a funny story from our trip, I have to give you something to laugh at. It was the last night and we had to get up at 4:00 am to start our long 11 hour drive home. We had four nights of good sleep with no noise problems so we expected the same for this night.

As soon as we crawled into bed, I could hear something brewing upstairs. The ice machine was getting a workout and lots of feet stomping going up the stairs. I could hear talking pretty close so at 10:30 I stepped outside and looked up to the balcony above me. I saw a young guy and gal standing there so I told them to be quiet. The boy had to go and get condescending on me by saying "Oh, sorry Ma'am". So I told them to go inside and 'shut it', using my best Gordon Ramsay hand gesture. The Kid thought that was funny.

The noise escalated and even with earplugs I could hear it all. At 11:30 I walked over to the closed office. I'm sure someone is on the property at all times. Unfortunately it was someone that didn't speak/understand English. They must be the caretakers because I'm sure the owner checked us in and I was hoping she would have been there. He lets me in and as I point to the well lit party going on above our room telling him there is a loud party going on and he needs to do something. His eyes get big and he was clearly nervous. He said 'Pawty?'

I said, 'yes party'. I make a drinking motion with my hand and my hands over my ears for 'loud'. It's the best sign language I know. Again he says, 'pawty? tonight?'

'Yes!' I say even louder as if that will help. He walks around the desk and starts shuffling papers as if he was looking for something. I asked if there was someone else I could talk to who would understand me.

'Pawty?, Tonight?, Oh........I don't know', he repeated over and over.

'YES!' I yelled, 'please go tell them to be quiet!!!!!' When he said his mantra one more time I just walked out in disgust and went back to the room, put my earplugs in and hoped for the best. Either he DID go up there or they saw me in the office and quieted down on their own.

Of course my husband slept through the whole things so when I relayed my story to him, all he said was 'You walked over in your nightgown?' I told him at least I put some underwear on.

The more I think about it, the poor guy must have thought I was asking him to a party and that's why he was so nervous. I'm sure it happens a lot, a chubby middle aged woman in her nightgown waking up a tall, thin, Asian man to ask him to party. Pawty? Tonight? Oh......I don't know.


Grumpy said…
That is a classic. What if he had asked "how much?".
Mr. Shife said…
Funny stuff, kden. Reminds me a little of the conversation Jake had with Long Duck Dong in "16 Candles." Married, Yeah Married. Married?, Married! Married, Yes Married! Isn't that how things work out? The one night you need some sleep the universe conspires against you.
fernvalley01 said…
LOL That would be a good one, he probably went home and told his wife about the hottie that propositioned him LOL
As for the party goers,rotten boogers, that think they rent the whole hotel when they get a room!

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