I Would Not Make A Good Pioneer

Other than the record breaking heat and wildfires we have been having, we have had some wicked wind storms. They seem almost tornadic. The first one blew through about 3 weeks ago and all around us were downed trees and power outages; we got lucky.

The second one was so brief, only about 15 minutes at the most. We lost power about 6 pm though, as did about 46K other people. As the night drew on we got out what flashlights worked and realized how unprepared we were.

If I thought my basement bedroom was dark before, holy cow I had no pinpoint of light at all down there. By morning the power was still out so I opened the doors to cool the house as it was probably going to hit the high 90's again. The freezer and fridge were still pretty cold but Hubby and I decided to venture out and get a cup of coffee, batteries, and ice. The first two were easy to find, but ice was not. He finally had to go downtown to find a grocery store with some. We filled ice chests and put the perishables in there.

I took some meat out of the freezer so we could grill enough to last a couple of days. Eating was the least of our problems.

 I desperately wanted a shower. I'm used to showering everyday and I felt gross with my hair sticking up everywhere. My Mom still had power so I planned to go there later in the day. I wanted a haircut before that, so I headed off to Great Clips because I knew they were open. By the time I finished at 1:00 Hubby texted to say that the power was back on.

Only 19 hours, but it was a long 19 hours. The silence in the house was the worst and I panicked at the thought of not having a/c. Spoiled? I suppose. Plus there was nothing to do. That was the same night we were supposed to go to dinner and no one even wanted to talk to each other so it was a pretty quiet evening with all us just staring at our dim flashlights.

So give me my a/c, electronic devices, TV, and lights please. I would have never survived on that Little House On The Prarie.

Just a few shots of many downed trees/power poles around town.

At a local college campus
Boom Boom, out go the lights!
Pick Up Sticks


Grumpy said…
I never would have survived in those days. We had a power outage last year of about 7 hours and I was ready to check in to a hotel.
Mr. Shife said…
Does it feel like you guys are getting more windy than usual? I feel like that down here in Boise. Maybe I'm just getting older and paying more attention to the weather. I'm with you on being spoiled by air conditioning, electricity, Internet, and showers. Hope all is well kden.
kden said…
I agree Matt, a lot more wind storms this summer. We just had a third while we were gone, thankfully everything was intact when we got home. I would have liked to seen (from a distance) the haboob that blew through the state.

Claire M. King said…
It's odd how the other side of the state is having such severe weather issues. Good luck.
fifa-coin said…
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