The No Hugging Rule Is Still In Effect

We have been home from vacation for awhile now. This story was one of the highlights (frankly, the only one). We were going to stay at a motel in Chehalis for our halfway point but my Step-Son and his fiance asked if we would like to save some money and stay with them in Olympia. It was a bit out of our way because of the route we took but they had a new home built and we haven't seem them in over a year, so on to Oly we went.

As we were getting closer he texted Hubby and said "The no hugging rule is still in effect." We laughed and didn't reply because we thought he was being funny. A few minutes later he texted again to ask if we had got the first one because he wanted to avoid any awkward moments.

Really? They ask us to stay but we're not allowed to hug her!? I think the real reason she wanted us to come is so she could question our daughter about her boyfriend. They are both prosecuting attorneys and it's in their blood. I warned the kid of this before hand and told her she did not have to answer any questions she didn't want to. It was lighthearted and I know they just have her best interest at heart.

Their new house is in a development. They picked the lot they wanted first and then had the house built. It's really nice but I don't think I would like to live there. The houses are so close together. One house is being built and the foundation is poured for another on the other side. There's not much of a backyard to speak of and no street parking is allowed because of the narrowness.

They have decorated it beautifully, and he picked most of the furnishings. As I have watched him grow up since he was 5 years old, I think he has done very well for himself. I asked about the drapes that are throughout the house. They were custom made in China and her Mom brought them over in suitcases. I have a feeling that money has never been an issue and she has gotten everything she ever wanted. She told the Kid that it's important to find a boyfriend that can buy you shiny things. I know it was part in jest, but serious at the same time. Her reality seems slightly skewed and I'm glad my daughter is more grounded than that.

We did have a nice dinner and it was fun to catch up and talk about the wedding. All of the bedrooms are upstairs and daughter and I had already decided to sleep together in one room and hubby took another. Now I know some might think it's odd that a husband and wife don't sleep together, but after 30 years of marriage, it seems more understandable. My Step-Son and his fiance also do not sleep together and it was her room that the Kid and I took so she slept in the den on a couch. She claims my Step-Son snores; so a couple not even married yet is not sleeping together. I don't see any kids in their future. She will also not be taking his last name once married. She had her first name changed years ago from her given Chinese name and said it was 'a pain' so she doesn't want to do it again.....yeesh.

We had decided to leave no later than 9:00 am but I did not sleep well at all and was ready much earlier. We were packed and ready by 8:00 and she wasn't even out of bed yet to see us off. Just as well, I'll just save my hug for my Son, he's going to need it.


Peruby said…
What a piece of work! Yeesh! She'd never make it in WV (my relatives). They hug and you need a pry bar to get away. LOL!
Anonymous said…
There certainly won't be any kids if he's not allowed to hug her either!
Mr. Shife said…
Well it sounds like you handled it as best as possible. Nice job kden. I don't think I could have done it. Hope all is well and have a good weekend.
Claire M. King said…
That situation seems almost sad, really. So young and not sleeping together? No hugging? She doesn't sound very nice.
Grumpy said…
They don't sleep together? Big deal. I think separate residences with visiting privileges would be even better.

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