The Last Family Vacation

**Even though I'm not angry anymore (just sad) I'm still going to let this post stand the way it is. Sometimes I do my best writing when I'm mad.**

I know I have said this many times about vacations with all three of us coming to an end soon; but I know for sure that they have ended. I knew that by day two. We were excited to reach our beach destination and settled in quickly, then looked for something to do and figure dinner out. We went to the local convenience store and bought some smoked salmon and greek olives to go with the eats we brought from home. It's always one of our favorite meals, and the only fish the Kid will eat.

Before we had even left I told my Daughter that I didn't mind if she texted her bf in the car or when we weren't doing anything together as a family but it really never stopped. It started the second she woke up and continued all day until bed time. I got so tired of that sound of tapping, I was ready to throw her phone in the ocean. She said she really missed him and I said she is getting a taste of how I feel now. I sympathized, but really, it's only a week. By the second night my patience was wearing thin; we were ready for bed by 10 with the lights off. I told her the phone light was bugging me and asked if she was done. She said yes, but snuck off to the bathroom and texted for another 45 minutes. I was pissed.

The next morning I basically gave her an ultimatum; either shape up or we were going home the next day. Knock it off with the sulking, constant texting, and not even engaging with us. She was here, but not present. He was over 1000 miles away but still influencing our lives. Did I really have to explain how her Dad and I work our asses off for an entire year so we can take vacations? Plus it was our anniversary. My vacation, my anniversary; stop screwing with it.

The rest of the vacation was ok I guess, but mostly just going through the motions. Usually we say, 'Oh it's Wednesday, only two more days before we have to go home. This time I was saying in my head, 'Oh God, it's only Wednesday, I just want to go home'. That's why there are no pictures to share on my photo blog, none of us together, none of the fun we weren't having. Just nothing.

Even our favorite stores in Cannon Beach have changed, as well as Mo's Chowder house. There was none of the beloved familiarity which draws us back almost every year. The weather was even against us; typical beach behavior in rain, wind, and fog--but it still added to the whole sucky trip.

So my husband and I will continue to save for vacation next year; most likely for just us two. We might have to switch directions; away from the beach for awhile.

The End


Grumpy said…
By now you've realized she's not a kid anymore.
bill said…
The nest is empty. She has begun a life of her own, on her own. It's the way the world works but I feel for you.
fernvalley01 said…
that's rotten, I guess new love and all, but it must be something with the younger generation,this need to be connected at all costs
Peruby said…
She can turn the sound of the key tapping off - I know it is not much consolation to you now, but at least that can be eliminated.

That type of obsession is rarely good. I believe a crash and burn may be in her future and she is going to need you, Mom.

Claire M. King said…
The changes in life are difficult but eventually, you will be excited for her and her new endeavors.

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