Two Therapists and A F#!ked Up Pet Sitter

A week and-a-half before we left on vacation (which we just left for....this morning) I had such a busy week. Other than the shopping, packing, and still working, I had two appointments to attend.

One was a Physical Therapy evaluation; I've been having pain and tightness on my right side which is causing weakness in my leg. The therapist said my muscles felt like leather that had gotten wet and then dried. Well I guess that's how I felt too.

The very next day was an appointment with a therapist--as in mental health. I dreaded going but knew I had to. I was miserable and didn't have anyplace to put my feelings. The Therapist is very nice, maybe about my age. She said her heart hurt for me as I spilled my guts about how it feels to lose my daughter. Yes, that's how it feels. I said I have no one to talk to as people are either going through their own stuff and don't want to hear me whine, or laugh at me about my silly feelings. So I guess she is my friend for now anyway, whom my insurance company will pay for. Does that make me kind of like a John, having to buy friends?

***Ha ha, the joke appears to be on me I guess. I will not be receiving any of the above mentioned therapies. I think in direct result of me requesting those services, I was asked to verify our income. No big deal, I sent the info to my broker. At the same time we were working on taking Daughter off of child insurance to adult. Although she is still in the home, she did not count toward the total of the household so our income requirements changed and therefore I am without insurance again. Oh I'm supposed to pick a paid plan now but I'm so pissed I don't even want to bother. I was all for the ACA but the way they screw with people is unbelievable. First I was put on a paid plan (by mistake). Then when I turned in an income INCREASE they put me on Medicaid (makes total sense, right). And now when I have hope that I can get some body and mind issues taken care of, they take it away. My deductible will be so large (unless I pick the higher premium), that I will have to pay for any and all services until then..........and you know that will not happen.

And to top off the fine week I had been trying to get ahold of the woman that was going to watch Nellie while we were on vacation. We had agreed that I could bring her out one more time before we left since we met so long ago, in January. I left one message, she didn't call back. I called two more times but did not leave a message. I then called the owner of Fetch! Pet Care and the wife had gone out of town and left her husband to take care of business. Big mistake. He had no idea of my upcoming sitting appointment and told me that the woman had moved and wouldn't be ready to go again until late summer. He was trying to scramble through the entire day to reach her and 2 other sitters but no one was returning his calls. I didn't  have much confidence in a company that can't read that far ahead in a schedule to make other arrangements. And what about the sitter? She had been with them for 3 years, why didn't she think of our contracted appointment and alert the owner (or me) when she moved. And......I had to buy rugs to put on her stupid hardwood floors because Nellie won't walk on a floor without them. I received apology emails from both the owner and her husband, but it's a company I will surely never call again.

I really thought that we would have to cancel our vacation until Hubby suggested to ask the girl that was already going to do our watering. She lives at the end of the block and so far has been the most responsible whenever she has taken care of our yard and garden. The other younger girls in the neighborhood don't seem to know what a garden is and why it's not a good idea to let it die.

I put in a tearful call to her and she said she would be happy to watch Nellie. This will be the first time that she will spending our vacation at home, but with her age it might be best. No more hauling her and all of her crap to a strangers house. She sleeps most of the day anyway and as long as she gets walks, treats, and lovin' I think it will work out just fine.

The hardest part will be packing up the van the night before and leaving early in the morning. When she sees us loading the van, she knows something good is about to happen and tries to get in the van to take her rightful spot on the bench seat. I know we will all cry as we pull away and leave her behind.

But I so need to leave shit behind, if even for a week.


Mr. Shife said…
You definitely need to go on a vacation. Have a great time and sorry to hear about the crap you had to deal with this before you got out of town. I'm not looking forward to the upcoming open enrollment period because we will have to get new health insurance and it's going to be awful. Take care kden.
Grumpy said…
Hope your vacation will help you shed the stress. Have fun and take lots of pictures.
fernvalley01 said…
hugs, and enjoy your holiday!
bill said…
I hope you have a good vacation and write about it, and keep on writing when you return.
bill said…
Were you affected by the dust storm in eastern Washington?
kden said…
Bill--since we're gone I'm not sure how far East it came. I know it hit the Ritzville area bad and possibly into my hometown of Odessa. I kept up with the news though and know we got another (our 3rd) bad thunder/wind storm.
bill said…
Thanks for the info. Hope you have a real good time.
Claire M. King said…
I am so glad you are going away. I can't wait to read the upcoming posts.

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