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I wanted to show you some of the artwork my Mom has done over the years. These are mostly paintings but at age 82 she keeps herself busy with all types of crafts. Currently she is decorating bottles; any kind of bottle she can get her hands on. She's more industrious than I am. Everytime I go to her house she always has something new to show me.

And when you see her paintings, you will be wondering if I can do the same. I can sadly tell you right now that I can not!! I can do other things, but painting has never been one of them. Neither can either of my brothers. Her own mother and sister painted too, but not to the depth as Mom has. She took some art classes, mostly to refine her skills. I don't think you can teach skills like this. Many people comment on Facebook how they still have her paintings in their home and a woman took a picture of one still hanging in a Doctor's office where Mom used to work.

She will paint on any surface available, including rocks, old cans, glass, and wood. Little rocks turn into kitties and larger rocks are in the yard with bouquets of flowers painted on them. I never realized how much stuff I have in my house that she either made or painted.

Little Kitty in Daughter's hand
I love lighthouses so she did this on a small piece of slate
a couple of years ago
A Southwestern piece for my brother
Small  ones on her wall, the lighting in her house
doesn't show the true beauty of these
Another she kept
One of my favorites, she had given to her boyfriend then
got it back after he passed away
Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR. This one proudly hangs in our house,
the biggest one she has ever painted. She only had a picture to go by
This was done in 1968, given to a friend who moved several times and
just gave it back a few years ago. It has seen better days.
Not functional, but cute birdhouses
A faux birdhouse, similar to one she gave me with the fishing theme
I have many more in our house and I'm sure my brothers do too. Maybe they're not all hanging and might be in backs of closets but I will always keep them, they're really family treasures.


Claire M. King said…
Wow, she does beautiful work. I would keep these treasures too.
Grumpy said…
She's very talented. She should be selling her work at local art shows and street fairs.

The piece with the broken pottery is spectacular. Also the front door with the flower pots lining the steps and the beach scene.
fernvalley01 said…
very talented lady!

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