Two Steps Forward.......

Just when I think we're getting to a point where we might get ahead, something big comes up to set us right back where we were. With our tax refund, we just paid off our second mortgage. We've been paying on it for 10 years and finally did it! What a great feeling.

With a little extra money available then, I thought I would treat myself to a visit to a new dentist. I was having some nerve pain along the gum line and was fearing a receding gum line and the problem that would entail. It seems that's the least of my problem. It was actually only a tiny chip off of the enamel which can be fixed with a filling.

After x-rays he was looking closely at each tooth and I could hear him say "cracked, cracked, cracked." I have 3 cracked teeth which will need their silver fillings replaced and then crowned. Holy Crap! I will also need other silver filling replaced and a bite guard at night due to wearing teeth. Geez, it's like overnight I just got old and fall-aparty.

All of this work will run me $4,100.00. They discount for payments at each visit or I can use Care Credit, which is a credit plan in which I pay a specific amount for either 6 or 12 months and the dentist pays the interest. That is probably the way I will have to go, even though it sucks having to pay the same amount out that we were for the second mortgage.

I can put off a lot of things healthwise, I usually do. But teeth are different; if you don't take care of them now they cause much further problems down the road. I will probably forgo the bite guard though. I know I don't grind my teeth and I've looked online and can find them much cheaper than 325 bucks. If I could drill and fill my own I would too.

I have learned this stinking dance well; Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back. Cha Cha Cha.....


Mr. Shife said…
First off congrats on getting the second mortgage paid off. Secondly I can totally relate to your post about money. It's like the universe knew you had some extra cash and needed to spend somewhere you didn't want to. Kyle just got back from the dentist and is getting $1200 worth of work and then we had a wind storm that did some damage. Good times. Hope the dentist stuff works out for you.
Grumpy said…
Yeah, seems to be how life works.
Peruby said…
I'd have to do a LOT of lying on my tax return to pay off my second mortgage. Yikes!

I cracked a tooth in half a little over a year ago. It was one tooth and I got it yanked. He was going to build a bridge to cover the gap, and I said "Why?"

He mumbled something about the other molars moving over time and my bite being off. I said "Bah!"

I don't grind either, but I sure as hell find myself clenching down hard when I got to fall asleep. What is up with THAT?
kden said…
Ha, Peruby! It wasn't a very big 2nd to begin with and after 10 years it was low enough to take care of. My dentist was not pleased that I passed on the night guard. They seem to take things so personally, geesh!

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