Double Trouble

My Mom had a doctor appointment last week and since she has trouble getting in my van, I met her there with the friend that gave her a ride. She's been having problems with her hands and seemed like more than just arthritis.

First we had to get through the screw-up of her appointment time. I got there first and found out her appointment was at 1:00 instead of 11:00. Ooooops, she's going to be pissed. I  met her outside to save her a trip in and told her. I asked if she wanted me to go back in and double check and she wanted to go in herself. Uh oh, somebody's going to be in trouble. I grabbed her air tank and in we went. Never underestimate the wrath of an 82 year old woman using a cane, walker, and air tank. her parting words were "I may or may not come back."

But of course she did. They went for coffee and I went to Curves, home for lunch and then back to the office. Her Doctor is really nice and feels very genuine about her health. She's left handed and that's the one that hurts the most, in the thumb. She can't bend it and do you know how much you rely on a thumb? A lot. He called it Trigger Thumb. I've never heard of it before but learned a lot online. To try and simplify it, the tendons become swollen and don't slide smoothly through the sheath, which causes the thumb to lock up and pop. She can unlock it with her other hand but can't move the thumb by itself. He said it can be treated easily with a simple surgery but I'm not sure she's going to go for that. I bought her a brace made specifically to stabilize the thumb. Maybe if she doesn't use it, it can fix itself. I think she's been doing too many crafts!

The other hand problem is also something I've never heard of. People of Celtic ancestry are prone to Dupuytren's Contracture, a connective tissue disorder where the palmer fascia of the hand thickens and shortens and draws up the fingers; mostly the little and ring finger. This is what it looks like in different stages.

Although surgery is offered he said hers wasn't that bad, but it looks downright painful to me. They make hand braces for this condition too but it doesn't look like you'd be able to do anything with one on. One will be bad enough for trying to get anything done around the house.

She may have to resort to just sitting around for awhile, letting the thumb get better. And she won't even be able to twiddle them.


Grumpy said…
That looks and sounds painful. Hopefully it will resolve itself.

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