Pistol Packing Barristas

We have a lot of coffee stands in this town. And we've had our share of controversy about the different type of stands, from x-rated to the owner who is now arming herself and has a goal to have at least one person on duty armed at all times.

This stand in particular has been robbed three times in the last month. Coffee stands seem to be an easy target, and this owner wants to change that.

They're getting a lot of support from the community so I guess I'm kind of in the minority in my thinking. These girls are young, maybe in their late 20's and I'm sure they've been trained and are carrying legally. But still, their young age and lack of real experience with a weapon is a little troubling to me. Just because you've taken the course doesn't mean you're ready to use a gun.

People that are desperate to get a couple of hundred bucks from a coffee stand may take this as a challenge. Desperate people are on drugs and crazy as Hell and if they want in that stand, a gun in your shaky little hand might not deter them one bit.

Since the owner made her announcement, we've had 3 more armed robberies in town, a coffee stand, a Baskin Robbins, and a tanning salon. Providing your employees with guns will not stop the robberies, they will just go elsewear.

Just as I was wrapping up this post, the police had enough to go on to send out a SWAT team to a guy's house suspected of all the armed robberies. He had already written the police and his family letters knowing it would not end well for him. He was addicted to Heroin and that's why he needed the money. When they called him out of the house he came out with a gun and was promptly shot and killed.

I'm sure the girls will still be packing though because although this guy is dead, another will come in his place; they always do.


Peruby said…
Since I was not certain where you lived, I googled the article.

It is a mixed up, topsy turvy world we live in.

I would not go into this establishment. Too risky. I think the owner did more harm than good.
Grumpy said…
You answered you own question; the robbers will go elsewhere. Criminals will take the path of least resistance. If they know the employees are carrying they are not likely to mess with this shop.

Mr. Shife said…
Sad at the state of affairs that things have come to around these parts. I see people in Boise packing heat all the time and just worries me. If someone has a bad day like the soldier at Ft. Hood this week and then decides to go crazy. I believe people have the right to bear arms but I just think the loopholes and relaxed laws are a little upsetting. Enjoy your weekend, kden.

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