More Family Treasures

I guess it's only fair I show the craftiness of the other side of the family. This is my Paternal Grandfather Edwin, who was born in 1888. I didn't know him that well because they lived in Spokane and we didn't. I was probably only about 11 when he died and all I can really remember about him is that he had to rest a lot. After working over 30 years in a flour mill he got emphysema but still lived to be 80.

As a hobby he crafted wood pieces by either using a lathe or carving by hand. He used the most beautiful wood.

Cups and saucers. I think he even made the stands

I know the hands on the left was hand carved, but I can't figure out how he did the comb, the teeth are so precise, probably a saw of some kind.

A totally hand carved back scratcher.

Close up of the handle, such great detail down to the tiny moveable ball in the holes.

One of my favorite pieces since I was little, a beautiful heart box with lid; just right for a little girl to hold her treasures.

Decanter and wine glasses 
Before my Dad died, he took the old lathe out for a spin and made a few pieces of his own. Nothing was ever dated so I don't know whose is whose. These are just assorted type cups and vases.

 I don't think my brothers have any of these pieces. When my older brother was moving he gave me a whole box full that he had. They just don't seem as sentimental as I am about family keepsakes. I think my daughter appreciates all of her family's treasures so I will make sure she gets them all.


Mr. Shife said…
Wow. Those are some beautiful pieces. Some amazing work for sure. Glad your daughter will enjoy them as much as you do, kden. Take care.
fernvalley01 said…
what wonderful workmanship! Treasures for sure

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