You Puff And I'll Huff

The high school across the street implemented a new lunch policy last year, where Freshman and Sophomores can't leave campus at all. Juniors and Seniors can have open campus on a week by week basis depending on many factors such as overall behavior, cleanliness of the lunchroom, etc. It sounds more like grade school rather than a high school. Their website clearly states the open/closed policy for the week.

Last year it seemed to work well, we had very few problems with kids hanging out in the alley. Some kids will move along if you ask nicely, other easily call you a name or argue their so called right to be on 'public property'. They smoke and eat their lunch there and leave all of their garbage behind.

This year there seems to be one group of kids and one boy in particular we have to keep asking to leave. He never says anything, just lopes along, but why do we have to keep asking? You'd think one time would be enough but he keeps coming back, with different groups of kids. He also comes over in between classes for a smoke.

Some days it's just not worth the hassle to go out. The last time my husband did, he didn't say anything to the kids but as he walked away one little punk basically told him to F*^# off and invited him to come out in the alley to fight. He won't go out anymore. He's called the resource officer but by the time he gets here, the kids are gone.

The big factor to me is what kind of mood I'M in when I see them. Four kids the other day, on a day I knew was closed campus (and the day of my dentist visit). I called the school and was put through to one of the Principals but I had to leave a message. Then I thought, screw it, I'm going out and grabbed my camera. I went huffing down the alley to the corner they were standing. I started yelling mostly at the one kid and he's trying to tell me he only comes over at lunch time and doesn't even eat and besides he's on public property. I hate arguing teenagers. I told him it's closed campus and he said he didn't even know what that was. I told him he didn't know very much. I was a full-on screaming banshee. Two other boys make faces at me but start to walk away. A girl looks apologetic as I hand her milk to her and tell them to take their Shit and go. I tried to take pictures of them all but was so darn nervous all I got was the one kid, he wasn't too happy about it. I really don't know what the other 3 looked like.

When I got in, the Principal had called me so I called him right back. They had been caught and said he would be over in a bit. He came with pictures of 3 of the kids, I just wasn't totally positive on two of them, but definite on the one. He gave me his cell # and told me to call right away and either he or someone will come over if we see them or any others again. A little later he called back and asked me to step out my front door to ID the girl. They were standing on the sidewalk across the street, we were on the phone and he was telling the girl to look left and right. I don't know if she was denying being with them or what but she looked scared to death. Since I was mostly focusing on the one kid I was not comfortable in saying it was her for sure. He probably told her she got off lucky that day.

This all happened on a Thursday and on Monday the main kid and his Mom came to our house but I wasn't home. The kid tried to tell his Mom that he had been suspended because I told the school he was smoking weed. Not true little man. Hubby called and left a message for the Principal but he never called back. I called him on Tuesday morning and he said my involvement was never even mentioned. He was suspended for being off campus and for running when he got caught. They all ran except one boy, so I imagine they all got suspended. So this smart boy is trying to pull a fast one by blaming me for his troubles instead of telling his mom the truth. Well the Principal set her straight.

It's probably safer for us to not go out and confront them; retaliation can be a Bitch. But why should we sit in our house and let punks do what they want and trash our property? When they're out there I feel like I'm being held captive. I don't want to leave and have to drive past them. I don't want to go outside and work in the yard.

Summer cannot get here too soon so we can have three months of peaceful bliss.


John Bain said…
What you have to do kden is set up a speaker in the alley and play the most mournful classical music through it. They wont stay long then. There is also a high pitched noise you can play that irritates the hell out of kids and helps them to move along.
Grumpy said…
They'll either cut the speaker wires, steal the speakers, or both. Get a couple lawn chairs and sit in the alley at lunchtime. Don't get into a verbal confrontation, in fact don't speak to them at all. Just dial the school as soon as they show up. Or better yet, the cops.
Mr. Shife said…
You go kden. Glad you took care of business and hopefully the message is received loud and clear to the kids. And I'm with you about summer. Take care.

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