Harold and Ethel

I've been having so much fun looking through old pictures and reminiscing, that I thought I'd write about 2 more people from  my days at Zips. Well one is a person, the other is a plant. Harold worked at  Zips with me and we got along great, like a long lost brother and sister. We got along so great that we decided to get an apartment together, strictly as friends people---he was only 17 to my 21. But that's when the fun stopped.

As much as I liked to party, there was a time for it and it wasn't until the wee hours of the morning. We lived in a upper/lower duplex and we lived on the top. There was a couple below us and they hated us immediately. Harold wanted the stereo loud and they didn't. I don't blame them and I would actually hope that they would call the cops on us, just to get rid of the people that I didn't want there. One night I got off work at 2:30 am, came home to find a full blown party going on with some dude sitting on the floor with all of my LP's out of their jackets scattered around looking for something to play. I was livid! Me, now being the mature one, kicked everyone out. One night while in bed I could hear some sounds in the living room. Harold must not have been home so I got up and saw some dude trying to carry my stereo down the front steps. I yelled at him and he dropped it all. It was someone who had been to a previous party. Harold also did not get the concept of paying bills on time. Since we shared everything bill-wise he was often short or late to pay me back for already paying the bill on time. We argued a lot. I finally kicked him out after probably a year or less.

We did have some fun times too and had a certain love for a single Pot plant we named Ethel. I grew her from some seeds a few years prior in my older apartment, not even knowing it would take. We babied her along and watched her grow and yes smoked her on occasion. When Harold left, I got custody.

Moving in

Doesn't she look disguised amongst the other legal plants?
We kept in touch a little and he came to visit me some time later. I often wonder how he is doing and what he's done with his life. I wish I could remember his last name so I could do some poking around to find him. And Ethel? She probably got used up or I just gave up my vice. I know that when I met my husband in '82 I never smoked pot again; he didn't like it. He also didn't like what I read, the posters I had on my wall, the music I listened to and on and on. And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

This past month has been a fun look back at my work life even when it wasn't so fun. I hope you've enjoyed my stories and I wonder if you're sitting back saying, WTF was she thinking??


Grumpy said…
All sounds pretty normal to me.
fernvalley01 said…
sounds like my "wild ones poem " sits you pretty well too!
For the wild ones

Before we hurt,
Before we were scared
When we took life flat out
Just because we were dared
Jumped into the water
Not thinking disaster
The current was strong
And we just swam faster

The horses we rode,
The stories we told
The chances worth taking
We were fearless and bold

Up till the wee hours
Always home late
Chores done at six
At work by eight!

So why did we stop
Did we really get smarter?
Or was keeping that pace,
Just getting harder?

Now don't you worry
She is still there inside
A little bit tired
But she hasn't died
Once in a while
If the timing is right
She’ll howl at the moon
And dance through the night

So here’s to the wild ones
Wherever they are
I’ll drink a toast to us
Out under the stars!
kden said…
Love it Fern, thanks :-)
Mr. Shife said…
I enjoyed them kden, and it always interesting looking back on life after we've "grown up." I hope we get to hear some more and thank you for sharing. And RIP Ethel.

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