On A Roll!

Well I may as well keep going backwards to the very first job I had, starting while I was still in college. Although I had financial aid and a small check from my Dad's SSI, I need a job and found one at Zip's Drive Inn, a popular fast food joint in town. As far as I know they are all still in business.

I worked nights since I went to school during the day. The hours were rough as we stayed open to get the 'bar rush'. That was an experience working the other side of the counter from drunken idiots. In a short amount of time I was offered the 3rd Manager position. It's kind of a joke really, it was only more responsibility with no more pay. On my first night on duty of said position we had a new cook, who walked off with the money from the safe. The safe was always left open, we were a family, nobody took money from it--except this guy. It took me awhile to figure it out when he didn't come back from his break. Duh!

But they let me stay. I'm not really sure why, I wasn't really manager material in the leader sense of the word. I was smart though and caught on fast. I had to count the tills at closing and drive the deposit at 2:30 am to the bank. Sometimes I had someone follow me because robberies do happen if someone is watching your patterns.

I made a lot of good friends and we often did things after work on the weekends. It was nothing for us to go swimming in the summer at 3:00 am in the Little Spokane River. Sometimes we'd go drinking and then out to breakfast. Someone was always having a party on the weekend, or knew someone that was. I've got to say those were my hardest partying days of my life. Good thing they were short lived; these days I have a hard time staying up till 10:00. I made friends of friends and still keep in touch on FB. I've seen marriages, divorces, and watched their kids grow.

Me, second from right
Those working on Halloween dressed up. We had the best staff Christmas parties ever, nothing was off limits. They would close the restaurant down on a Saturday morning and everyone would come. I look back at pictures and remember some names but not all.

I was there 3 years in all and I guess I was ready to go if I let the manager get to me the way I did. That's kind of how it works with me though. I'm very patient up to a point--and then bam. We go there to eat occasionally and even after 35 years I'm pretty sure I could step behind the counter and not skip a beat. Certain jobs just stick with you that way. I think everyone should work in a fast food restaurant at least once, it could be some of the best years of your life.


Grumpy said…
Always knew you were a party animal.
Claire M. King said…
Ah yes...first jobs. Mine was a cook at McDonald's. So I have met your criteria of working in fast food. I worked there for about six months.
Cute pic, BTW.

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