The OTHER job

I'm starting to write this before my last post even publishes because I'm sure someone wants to know about my other job at the X-rated motel. Oh come on, it will be fun!  And this is one rare post that will not have pictures.

The Alcoan Motel was right across the street from Zips, the fast food restaurant I worked at for 3 years, starting when I was in college. This was my first job and I did like it for the most part until the manager of all the stores had to make himself look like a big shot in front his cronies--at my expense. He didn't come in to the restaurant very often but one day when I was working he and some guys came in. Maybe they was trying to sell the place, I don't remember. As having the prestigious title of 3rd Manager, I kept the place pretty darn clean but there were a few scraps of paper on the floor that day and he told me to go pick them up. He didn't ask nicely; just told me to go do it. Kden does not take kindly to being treated like some grunt so she soon gave her 2 weeks notice.

I seriously don't know how I marched myself across the street to inquire about a job there. I don't know if the owner or manager had frequented Zips or I saw a sign in the window. But after an odd interview I was hired. I was only 21 and wasn't scared to work there but it might be a different story now-a-days. Even though I was from the sticks I wasn't naive and knew good and well what went on and it didn't faze me much. I'm sure my parents were mortified but I have elected to not remember that either. Sometimes a bad memory is good! I was mostly a maid but occasionally worked the front desk.

Without going into a lot of detail because I'm sure you can figure it out, the motel showed X-rated movies and catered to local hookers and couples just looking for a good time. The hookers just booked for 30 minutes and they weren't allowed to get into the bed. I washed bedspreads A LOT!

You can't imagine what items were left behind. Well maybe you can. Occasionally I would find jewelry; turquoise rings, necklaces, etc. If no one claimed them I could keep them. I think I still have the ring. One nice perk that was fun, was a plane ride over the city by a friend of the owner. He owned a 4-seater plane and one person that was supposed to go couldn't, so they asked me if I wanted to. My one and only small plane ride. One unpleasant thing was a lech of a manager. He was an old guy who drank and lived there and he gave me the creeps. I did my best to keep my distance from him, even when he sauntered into the laundry room for no reason whatsoever. I always made sure there was a table in between us and would not have hesitated to colcock him one if I needed to!

Another part of the job was cleaning a duplex nearby. It was called the 'Band House' and was where bands would stay when they came in town to play. Not big name guys, but bands that made the circuit and played in bars. The only band I can remember that did become big was the Robert Cray Band. Famous or not, they were all slobs. Each unit had 5-8 beds and as well as changing them all out I had to clean. Cleaning bathrooms for men the worst. They can probably hit a target with a gun, but a toilet? No way. I then would have to load bags of garbage in my car to bring back to the motel. It was nice to get away from the motel for awhile but I didn't really enjoy this part of it.

I don't remember how long I worked there, but it wasn't terribly long. At one point, the owner had plans to open a new motel out of town and he asked me and very handsome guy if we would move and work there. I had a crush on him so I was all for it. I gave my notice for my apartment, told my family and was ready to go. Thankfully at the last minute the deal fell through and I was able to stay in my apartment. It would not have been a good move for me.

From there I landed at the restaurant that folded, which then led me to Joe. So I guess things all work out in the end; and it certainly hasn't been dull!


Grumpy said…
There must be more stories from your time at the no-tell motel.
fernvalley01 said…
wow! you were one brave cookie!
Mr. Shife said…
I love Zip's. We used to go there quite often on Sundays in Moscow. Their food seemed to help us manage our hangovers a little better. I would've never guessed in a million years that kden worked at a motel like that. Glad you survived the experience and I enjoyed reading all about it. Take care and have a good weekend.

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