White Elephant Christmas


I had mentioned earlier that my Mom was going to give away some of her stuff for our presents this year. She orchestrated it perfectly and put so much thought into it.

To my nephew (her Grandson) she gave an old but real hand grenade that was my Step-Dads. Robert remembers exactly where Marley kept it and always looked at it. His Mother had fits every time he touched it so of course he loved that he could have it now! She also gave him a piece of carved soap (a dog) that she had done years ago. I really didn't remember it but he sure did. To his wife she gave a Samsonite brand large buckling strap. Jessie didn't really get it but she rides bikes as her mode of transportation and Mom said she's 'always strapping something down!' She's got quite the sense of humor :-)

To my younger brother she gave back a sundial that he had given her 15 years ago. Of course he didn't remember it at all, which lead to more fun. She also gave him a "Night Before Christmas" book from the 1940's that he can read to his wife's new Granddaughter. I'd like to see that myself, he's not quite the paternal type.

My older brother got something back too from years ago and we also all got items of Marley's. With each item she gave us a background story if we didn't remember. She seems to have the best memory of us all.

To me, she gave a miniature Lane chest that every girl in her 1949 graduating class got, so it's now 64 years old. She also gave me a book that first she painted the front and back covers of and then turned it into kind of a shadowbox with pictures of two trips we had taken together, one in 1985 and the other in 1997. Such fun memories.

Each of us got a faux birdhouse totally decked out in a different theme. She made these about 7 years ago and I got the beach/lake themed one. So detailed!

Of course we got our usual Christmas check and then a big surprise. Over the short time her and my Step-Dad were married he had given her two rings other than her wedding ring. She doesn't wear them anymore and they're put away in a safe place. At the time each ring was given, they were appraised. So she stuck each appraisal in an envelope and let us each pick one. Since they all have different values she thought that was the fairest way to do it. Older brother went first and then me. I closed my eyes and almost went right but grabbed left instead. Not to sound like a greedy bratty kid but I got the bestest prize of all! I'm not talking Kim Kardashian's ring value but pretty darn nice, and that was in '96. She's not ready to give up the rings themselves yet, but we'll get them in time.

It was such a fun night with memories; whether they were remembered, or forgotten and reminded of again.


Grumpy said…
I like the Lane chest best. That's the kind of thing that can become a family heirloom.
fernvalley01 said…
Very creative, and what treasures!
Especially the shadow box!
Mr. Shife said…
Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, and those bird houses are pretty awesome. Hope the new year is going well kden. Take care.

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