New Year Tidbits

We got together with one Step-son and the Grandkids a few days after Christmas. While my other Step-son sent a Christmas text to the Kid; like a phone call to his Dad was too much. Oh such a difference in those two boys. Anyway we had a nice brunch, decorated some fancy cookies and played with the kids. I'm so glad they're back in town.

Oh check this picture out, it's from the last time we visited in September. See the orb on Hubby's shoulder? And no, it isn't baby spit up. I didn't notice it until recently when I looked at it on my camera. If you watch any type of Ghost Hunter show, you know what an orb is. Or you can look them up on Google images. I'm guessing it's Hubby's Mom checking out her Great Grandson. And now I'm guessing you all think I'm nuts!

I thoroughly enjoyed having our own Kid home for 3 whole weeks. We did as much we could with the time we had---and NO HOMEWORK for the first time over vacation in about 10 years!  She liked seeing her Aunts and Uncles again, she always shines around them and they were pleased that she made the Dean's List for the first quarter of college--Oh Yes She Did! We went out to breakfast and took her back early. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it sure was quiet when we got home. Only 4 more days till she comes home again :-)

Last month we broke down and bought a new TV. Our old one was 10 years old and a tube was starting to go out. And with the cable companies starting to force their users to go HD, we figured it was time. We got a good sale at Huppins and are now the proud owners of a 55-inch Samsung LED HDTV. It's amazing in 10 years time how much TV's can change. The old one was such a behemoth it took two people and a dolly to get it out of the house. The new one was easily carried in by one guy. It's a beauty and we can now watch Netflix on it through the Kid's computer.

We are starting the 52 Month Money Challenge. If you follow this chart here, by the end of the year you will have put away over 1300 bucks! We're working it backwards though, putting in the larger amounts first so it will be easier towards the end. Either way it works the same.

I just got confirmation that our Financial Aid papers (FAFSA) were received and we'll be hearing back from them in a month or so after our taxes are done. I hope we get as good of a package as we did last year. And as much as I think we over paid for the service that does the application for us, it was nice to just give them a few figures and have it all done and turned in by January 3rd.

I feel like an old fuddy-dud for not ever partaking in First Night Spokane (on New Year's Eve), which is in it's 13th year. Buy a button for 18 bucks and go to any of 40 venues such as music, arts, a 5K run, performance groups, etc. You can walk all over downtown at your leisure to see them and the night ends with a fireworks show in the park at midnight. I guess if I was 25 years younger with little ones this might be fun. But to walk around in 30 degree weather (or less as in some years) with 1000's of people just doesn't sound like a fun evening to me. Maybe I'm just lazy, or old, or both. But I did miss this:


Grumpy said…
55 inches? I'm envious.

Congrats to the kid on the Dean's List. Very impressive.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear you got some good family time. And great news about the kiddo getting on the Dean's List. Awesome. You did a good job with her but you already know that. =) Enjoy the new television and have a good weekend.

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