Feeling A Tad Guilty

With all of the storms that the East side of the country has been having for weeks and the terrible loss of life, it feels strange to have the opposite weather here. I mean, the Pacific Northwest is known for its definite 4 seasons and moderate to heavy snowfalls. But this is our front yard as of last week.

We had one cold snap for a week then 3 inches of snow which quickly faded. I've worn my boots ONCE--to shovel ONCE. Since I took this shot we have got some snow but not as much as it could be; and it's almost gone. I must admit I kind of enjoy it, but I am feeling a little guilty that I can't totally share in their pain.


Grumpy said…
For us it wasn't the snow as much as the cold. Taking a dog out at 6:00 a.m. in -12 wind chills is not fun.
Claire M. King said…
We have had even less than those weather situations in western WA.

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