She Can't Run Because She Doesn't

Those were the parting words the Pediatric Cardiologist gave me as my daughter and I left the Dr's office today.

Let me back up the truck a little. Over a month ago I took my daughter to our doctor because her feet hurt. She has fairly flat feet and our doctor suggested arch supports for her shoes. As we talked more, the doctor asked what kind of activities that my daughter does. I said she doesn't do sports and running causes her to feel sick. Then I told the doctor that she was born with a slight heart murmur and all doctors just seem to gloss that over. And also my Dad was born with an enlarged heart and had several heart attacks in his life and died at age 54. So she took a listen and thought that her beat was a little fast and irregular. OK, so now we have gone from sore feet to talking about Pediatric Cardiologists. I really do like our doctor but she is a bit on the over-cautious side.

It took a long time to get the referral from her insurance company but thankfully, she at least has insurance. So today was the day and as soon as she got home from school, we drove across town to the Pediatric wing of the hospital. I have to admit I was a bit nervous.

I had to relay the story of feet to cardiologist three times, once to the nurse, a nurse in training and then the doctor herself. My daughter had an EKG and an ultrasound. The ultrasound lasted quite awhile but it was very interesting.

After it was all said and done the doctor came in and looked at all of the tests and said everything was normal. So I guess the only thing wrong with my daughter is that she can't run because she doesn't, meaning she's out of condition. I really could have told them all that from the beginning but I guess it never hurts to be sure.

Off we go clear across town back home and dinner was late and the night was pretty well shot but that's OK. She may be my out-of-condition girl but I'm glad she's alright.


Peruby said…
It was probably a hassle, but it was one day out of the year and the hassle of it will soon be forgotten. What will remain is the peace of mind. Kudos to you and your daughter. Glad all is well. Here is to a long and healthy life for all!
fernvalley01 said…
I prefer to only run if I am being chased by a something bigger and meaner than me! But still and all its probably best to get it checked out
Grumpy said…
Did you ever notice that people jogging look miserable? Seriously though, I'm glad to hear she is fine. With a family history like that, it can't hurt to have it checked.
kden said…
No kidding Fern and Grumpy. When I see people jogging--on purpose--I think they must have a screw loose.
Claire King said…
Glad all is well. I think health, fitness and that certain lifestyle are instilled in people at a certain point. I used to power walk on a semi regular basis, and have not done so since my move here very much. I need to retrain my brain to do it as it can be invigorating and gives you solo space to think etc...

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