I Can't Leave Him Alone For 5 Minutes

Husbands. They are very similar to children. You just can't leave them alone for long. This is going to be a good one, I guarantee.

My daughter used to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Although she only went once a week, and then cut back to every other week, she volunteered for four years. She only worked with the kitties because she was under 16 and would have had to have either me or her dad with her in order to volunteer. But the woman that worked with the kitties took her under her wing and as long as she was there our daughter didn't have to have one of her parents along.

But with a bigger homework load and I suppose burnout she wanted to give it up. We hadn't been there in awhile and they were having a big book sale last Sunday so we decided to go visit and buy some books. I stayed in the car while my husband and daughter went in because the books were in a big barn on the property. I love kitties, too much, and it's too hard for me to go look at them. They have some great enclosures, one indoor and one outdoor. Some even run loose overnight to catch mice.

The kids seemed to take forever so I went in to speed them up a bit. I get into the kittie room and Vickie tells me that my husband got bit by a cat. Huh? How can someone get bit by a cat? Scratched yes, but bit? Was the thing wild? Oh no, no, no, that would be logical thinking.

Seems there's this one cat who bolts out of the cage every time she gets breakfast or her cage cleaned. And everyday Vickie has to hunt her down and put her back. Well, my husband thought that he would be helpful and try to help catch her. It went under something and so he reached under and grabbed--the tail--. Any idiot knows that you don't grab the tail of a cat. And when you see that cat coming around like a snake to bite you--you don't hang on--you let go.

Well, anyone but my husband. It bit him several times and one fang went into his artery and there was blood spurting all over the place. I wondered why the floor looked like it had been freshly mopped.

He had to fill out a report and poor kittie will be quarantined for a few days. They bandaged him up and I took him home. I changed the bandages and told him to look for a red line traveling up his arm.

That's about all I can do for him, you can't fix stupid.


Grumpy said…
He's trying to be helpful and not only does he get bitten for his trouble, but now you pile on. Husbands are the last group of people it's OK to ridicule.
fernvalley01 said…
Nope you can't fix it , but if he doesn't get an infection ,you can laugh! Never grab a cat by the tail! there are teeth at the other end!
kden said…
Grumpy- he thanks you for the support, but you're both idiots!
At least there is another voice of reason in Fern.

His hand is all swollen and ugly today but I'm still keeping an eye on it sorta. Once it starts healing more, I'll start laughing more. My daughter and I call him CW for short (cat wrangler).
bill said…
That cat wrangling is hard work. Haven't you seen those TV commercials where wranglers on horseback are herding those cats to the big roundup. Besides, that's how we learn. We try something, if it works thats the way it's done. It don't work we find another way. Us guys weren't born smart like you ladies, we actually have to learn much of what we're about.There's no substitute for good experience, so don't be so hard on 'em. Remember herding cats is a lot more difficult than herding cows or women, so you need to ease up.
D. Duplessis said…
I see a possible reality show in you and your husbands' future. "The Cat Wrangler". Heck, one whole episode could simply be about where not to grab cats. I'd sure watch.

Hope his hand get's better!
kden said…
Bill, he also thanks you for your support. Men, why must they always stick together.

David, thanks for stopping by, just put you guys on my blogroll. Mmmmmm, reality show, it could work.
Grumpy said…
Count on Bill for the most common sense answer.
fernvalley01 said…
You gentlemen are standing strong I see, and I guess you feel ,"guys gottsa stand together". But remeber the last time you wife ,fell down ,or burned her elf in the kitchen or in some other way was injured or unwell? How many of you ,snapped at her to be more careful ,or called her silly, or a slow learner.I am married to a very sweet man , who just this spring tore a strip a mile wide off of me for slipping and falling on the ice(insult to injury) He did this because ift worried him and he didn't want me to be hurt, but he yelled none the less.There is nothing wrong or abnormal with Kdens reactions to this unwise move on the part of her husband , after all ,who do you think is monitoring the wound and changing the dressings?
Claire King said…
I am glad your husband is ok. Coming from someone whose tried to raise two of 'em and failed both times, I have no great advice. My husband rearing days have shown me though, they find it difficult to own stupid actions and will candy coat their "logic" as thick as possible. This rather than "owning it" when needed. Good luck Dr. kden.
I too have posted of a stupid male choice. CK

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