Rita Abandoned Me

I loved Rita. She understood me. She's older than me but we were a lot alike. Yes, I mean crabby. That's why she understood me. She did what I asked and I always went back for more. Rita had been my hairdresser for over two years, and she left me. She retired.

We had conversations about Social Security. She had applied for early retirement this Spring so when I saw her last I asked her if she had received her first check yet. She said it would come in October. I assumed she would still work while collecting, it seems like a no-brainer to me. But she didn't, she left.

I'm happy for her because I know she was getting burnt out but I saw her last about 5 weeks ago. It bugs me that she didn't warn me that it was something she was thinking about, then I could have been better prepared. I don't think men have the same feeling about who cuts their hair but women can be very loyal. It's almost like a death when you have to switch to someone new. With Rita, I didn't have to say anything. I just sat and she cut. No nonsense. No trying to sell me the latest product. Just a good cut and I was on my way.

So when I called this morning to make sure she was working today, some young hip dude said she had retired. Gulp. My heart fell to my toes but said that I would be in anyway. I had met young hip dude the last time I was in and he seemed like a nice enough kid so off I went.

Change is good I thought to myself as I went in. Jay the hip dude was cutting some guy's hair so I signed in. After that, another girl was in line. As I sat and listened it became very apparent that Jay the hip dude was now Jay the Hot-Dogger. That's what I call people that try to sell you everything under the sun. I hate that type of person with a passion. Once I went to a car wash where you can pick good, better, or best, type of wash. The guy at the entrance tried to hard sell me so much on the better wash that I pulled out of line and complained to the manager. He said they don't advocate that type of salesmanship (can you smell the bullshit here), but regardless I've never been back.

Jay the Hot-Dogger talked the girl into a hot oil treatment and while she was under the dryer he did my cut. "Looks like it's time for a dye-job", he mused. I told him I would probably do that tonight. He peppered me with more questions, 'what kind of color do you use?, have you ever had low lights done?, when was the last time you had a hot oil treatment?, never??????? Oh, you should do that twice a month minimum especially if you use color'.

Listen Jay Man, I didn't come in for a lesson about hair and how to take care of it. I'm 52 years old, I think I know how to wash and color my own hair. If I knew how to cut it, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. This isn't even a salon type of place. It's just a basic cut your hair for 13 bucks place, and yes, I use coupons. So he finished the cut and asked how I liked it. I wanted more off but was tired of him by then so said it was fine. As I handed him my coupon and money he was still trying to sell me products. "Have you ever used pomade?" Apparently it's great for a cut like mine and he uses it so it must be fantastic. When I finally said no for the forth time, he said "OK Hon, see you in 3-6 weeks."

Hon? Seriously? I thought being called Ma'am was bad. But Hon? He is probably not even 30 yet and the only person I want to call me Hon is my husband.

So now Jay the hip dude, turned Hot-Dogger has thoroughly pissed me off for the day. I will grumble about his crappy haircut for the next 3-6 weeks until it's time for me to get another haircut. I certainly won't be going there for a long time and surely won't ask for him. Time to make the rounds again until I can find someone I like. That's how I found Rita in the first place. Damn you Rita.


Grumpy said…
Well Hon, that was one funny story. Rita could have at least given you a heads up so you plan ahead.

What about contacting Rita and see if she wants to cut your hair at home and make a few tax free bucks?
kden said…
Well Grumpy HON, that would be a great idea but I don't have her number. I did that once with another girl I liked a lot. She had a baby and started a daycare but still did cuts at night. It just got to be difficult to schedule around all that so I quit going. I think that if Rita had given me a heads up and wanted that kind of deal, she would have said something. Unless she did that with everyone else and not me.
fernvalley01 said…
Hon?? yeesh! Hope you find someone you can work with soon
Claire King said…
Wow. Many followers are going through change...hairdressers, home pages, husbands(haha). Ask 3 of your friends where they go...word of mouth is good. Of course this won't work if they scheduled with Rita too.
Anybody got info on finding a good husband?
bill said…
So Rita left with no heads up, just up and retired. Look at it from Rita's perspective. You were only a client, a customer who got your hair cut once in a blue moon. She had goals, problems of her own, things to plan and consider.

she was probably walking away from a job she'd been doing too long. She left it behind and she left you with it. Had somebody thrown her a party or got her a nice going away present, she'd probably told you how she was going to miss you. That didn't happen. She just worked till six o'clock one day, and that was it. Nothing much said. She would probably have liked to, said goodbye to some of her clients. Maybe if you'd been there on the last day or two.

The real problem may be finding some one else you're happy with. Cheers. bill.
kden said…
Bill-like Grumpy says, you are the voice of reason. I know everything you say is true. I just need to put my own whiny, funny, spin on things. That's what makes me so fun to read ♥
ethelmaepotter! said…
HON, do NOT go back to Hot-Dogger. I can' stand that type, either.

I have yet to find a hairdresser I truly like. Like you, I just go to cheapo places and yeah, I use coupons, too. Uually get some kid just out of beauty school who wants to talk about the boyfriend and marriage plans and her new piercings.

I have a little something for you over at my place. Come and collect it when you can!
Signe said…
It took me 2 years to find someone I liked when we moved here. My husband and I were having a conversation about hair last night...men definitely don't get it. Good luck with finding someone new!

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