And God Cried

I don't usually write about religion; or politics for that matter. But recent events in our community made me kind of have to bring it up in order to write about it. I wouldn't call myself a religious person but more a spiritual one. I do believe in God. A God that is loving, not one that is hateful or one to be afraid of.

Supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas came through our area a few days ago to protest at various schools and colleges.

They visited schools toting their hateful signs of what they believe God to hate. I can't even repeat what their signs say, it's just too sickening. The church is led by Rev. Fred Phelps and his congregation consists of his children, grandchildren and in-laws. They started their anti-gay preaching in Topeka and then took his hateful messages across the country. They are known to picket soldiers' funerals and target homosexuals, Jews, gays, Blacks and the United States . They believe that "God's hatred is one of His holy attributes." 

Counter protesters showed up to the events and even though it was peaceful I still see it as just adding to what they want, media coverage to preach their perverted ideas.

So much in the world makes me shake my head in sadness for what one human can do to another in the name of God. And my God is sad and cries when man uses his name for hatred.


bill said…
I don't know about God. I suppose there's a lot going on I don't know about nor can explain. I suppose religion is okay as long as it serves a good social purpose. We've got too much of it in this country. Too much religion and too much God. Whatever God and Religion stand for, if it's for good, these people from this Kansas church don't have any of it. Personally I think their activity ought to be regulated.
ethelmaepotter! said…
This is the best commentary I have read to date on the antics of Rev. Phelps and his church. I admire the way you kept it short, factual, and devoid of rage. Not sure I could have posted without keeping extreme anger out of it. And anger feeds off anger, so I certainly don't want to give these people any more fire.

You know, I have a co-worker I don't write about, because...well, because no matter what I could say about him, he'd come off looking BAD. Mamacilla and I have often said that he would be exactly the type who could easily be lead into the Westboro Church and believe wholeheartedly that he was doing "right by God." Mamacilla, who is a very devout Christian lady, initially DESPISED him for his hate-filled words and actions, until I told her one day that I felt sorry for him. Sorry because he has no happiness in his life, because he is so wrapped up in hatred, he has to be miserable, himself. From that day forward, her attitude toward him changed. No, we're not what you'd call "friends" with him, but we maintain a cordial relationship. And every once in a while, one of us will have to remind the other that he is to be pitied, not hated.

So I will try to feel the same way about the congregation of Westboro Church. Sorry for them that their lives are consumed in hatred, sorry that they have no room for happiness, because of their constant traveling to protest and spew their vile opinions. I feel sorry for the families who have been scarred by these people at their sons' and daughters' funerals. I feel sorry for the US Supreme Court whose hands, as far as I can see, are pretty much tied in this case. And yes, I feel sorry for God, for surely if he does exist, he is indeed crying.
Peruby said…
This is so very sad. It boggles my mind to see or hear about such people. If you can call them people.
fernvalley01 said…
It makes me sad when religious zealots twist the words of the bible to fit thier adgenda.HAte can be spread so quickly , and lives of good people lost , all because of misdirection and rage.I cannot and will not believe in that type of religion.I believe ,I guess in the same childlike way I always have .In a loving and forgiving God
Grumpy said…
Well, if nobody else wants to express their anger at Phelps and his group of bigots, I will. I don't feel sorry for them and others of their ilk. They choose to spread hate; if he or a member of his congregation were standing in front of me I wouldn't try to reason with them, I'd go postal on them.
Claire King said…
I feel, to each his own and respect others' "owns". Trying to create audible vandalism for certain people, groups,etc creates more maheim than needed. Focus on good. I am still carrying an "almost hate" for my x and his newly acquired circumstance, but it just leaves me feeling ill, distracted and not like a nice person. And I only sent a few nasty emails and left him a few nasty cell messages. Imagine if I banded people together who agree with me and dislike his bad behavior? It would only leave me feeling worse, waste my time and create another band of people who'd end up disliking me! These groups should recognize it's a waste of people's time and emotions.There's better things to do.

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