The Bathroom Fan That Wasn't

Have you ever wanted to do one little thing in your home to update but before you do that ONE THING you have to do several things to get to that point?

I have painted almost every room in our house and felt like the bathroom should be next. I'm not sure if I really am able to do it myself due to my Vertigo but I still wanted to have it done. Because there is no fan in the bathroom, moisture is a problem so I was planning on using anti-mildew paint.

My husband and I figured if we were going to go that far maybe we should get a fan installed. Hot showers over the years has caused pain to peel right outside the door and a fan would surely remedy that. We called a contractor first and we really liked him and the price was right on his end. Then we brought in an electrician to give us a bid for his part. The total package would come to a little under a thousand bucks. I thought it was a little pricy but I am a known cheapskate. We decided to go ahead and picked the dates anyway.

The contractor had to do his work first by drilling holes and installing the fan and then the electrician would finish up tomorrow. Of course I wasn't home today to witness all of this but the contractor comes, drills the hole and then tries to get up in the attic. He knew it was a small opening but we were all hoping he would fit. The opening is at the top of a large cupboard in the kitchen and we cleaned it all out for him. It was quite a feat but he got up there. But he couldn't do anything else because of the pitch of the roof. So down he came. He said he would have to hire someone smaller to come in and do that part of the work so that would be extra. And then the fan he bought was quite a bit more than he originally had estimated. Now his part of the deal has gone up considerably and this little paint job (minus the paint job) would be closer to 1300 bucks. My husband's cheapskate tendencies now kick in.

Before he even got started though my husband asked him to look at a leak under our bathroom sink. He said some things (I wasn't here remember, so I forgot what my husband said) needed to be replaced. So add that on top of the 1300 bucks and I'm thinking I really don't want my paint job all that much now. Hubby called the contractor and told him we decided to put off on the fan but would like him to fix the sink anyway.

I'm bummed, I did want the fan. But I can think of a lot more things that 1300 bucks can be used for.


fernvalley01 said…
It always seems to creep up doesn't it?we had an addition put on out house last year, simple right? get the quote and the drawings and go? or not .By the end I was ready to scream! Its lovely now but I tell you ,NEVER AGAIN
ethelmaepotter! said…
So do you have to pay the fan guy for trying?

I guess I'm lucky that my men are willimg and able to tackle most household jobs. Son just this weekend did his first ever tiling job...and it looks fantastic! He put down tile floors in laundry room and upstairs bath, tiled the upstairs vanity top (I was skeptical, but it looks GREAT,) painted the vanity, painted the walls, installed new commode, and hung new light fixture, which involved moving electrical location and connections.

Saved homself probably a couple of thousand dollars!
Signe said…
And that's why we haven't redone our original bathroom. The more we dig, the worse it gets.

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