Say It Like You Mean It

I recently read someone's comments on FB about certain grocery stores that are taking customer service to a higher annoying level. I know exactly what store she's talking about so I really started paying attention.

My own grocery store doesn't insist that the bagger takes you and your cart out, but the store I use for my Mom does. They really don't take no for an answer. They usually employ younger people and they ask the same 3 questions by the time we get to my car. These are my usual responses.

   .How is your day going? So far so good.
   .Any big plans for the day? Just going to my Mom's.
   .How was your weekend/Are you doing anything exciting for the weekend? Good/No plans yet.

I don't mind chatting with the checkers because it's usually the same people that have been there for a long time, it's a natural interaction. But the young guys/gals hauling out my goods don't give a hang about me or what my plans for the day are. They are forced to say their spiel probably a hundred times a day and you can see it on their face; they hate it. It's embarrassing to go through the same thing every week.

Maybe some day I'll give them something to talk about in the break room with these answers.

   .How is your day going? Well, it's 10:00 a.m. and I haven't killed anyone yet......but it's early, there's still time.
   .Any big plans for the day? After I take these groceries to my Mom's, clean her house and trim her toenails I need to go get my mammogram. Got to take care of the girls ya know. Then after I get home I have to get my dog's incontinence meds ready and pick up her poop in the yard. After that I'll probably just sit on my ass and color till I have to make dinner. Be jealous, it's a good life.
   .What plans do you have for the weekend? We're having our annual senior nudist colony convention in Montana, could be a cold one though. Here's a flyer if you don't have anything going on.

So guys and gals, stop going by your script. Let's just have a pleasant walk to my car and talk about the weather like normal people.


Grumpy said…
Ask them questions before they have a chance to ask you.
Valerie said…
It's a service not on offer where I live. What fun to 'tease' the helpers.... I hope you will give it a try and report back. Grumpy's idea sounds good.
Mr. Shife said…
I look forward to you giving those damn fine answers. They are awesome.

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