One of my favorite FB pages is Spokane Memes. Basically it is Spokanites making fun of Spokane. Most Spokanites think it's funny. The ones that don't, are the ones being made fun of. Most pictures are taken in Spokane but some are familiar pictures made to fit us. So enjoy a few laughs at the expense of Spokane, like I do.

A block away from our house :)


Grumpy said…
I've been staring at the Noodle Express sign for 30 minutes and I still don't get it. The rest are funny, though.

Someone was caught going 73 on your street?
kden said…
OK Grumpy, go way back in your memory banks. Weed is legal in Washington. You may or may not have smoked a b _ _ _ in your day.

I never noticed the sign before the Meme, so very possible it was placed there by WSP.
Valerie said…
Now I know where Spokane is! Some of the pictures didn't show but those that did were amusing. especially the one with all the bald heads!!
Mr. Shife said…
Those do make me laugh out loud as I spent a good part of my younger days in the vicinity of Spokane when I went to school in Moscow, and of course we go near there a few times a year to visit the in-laws. Take care kden.

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