Kids And Their Docs

Both my Fur Kid and Human Kid have had to take trips to Doctors recently.

About a month ago our dog Nellie had a lump starting to grow on her face, right as her cheek meets her nose. I assumed it was another fatty cyst like the huge one under her chin. It kept growing though and one day I saw blood coming out of it.

Being the tightwad that I am did not run to the Vet. I drained it, put Hydrogen Peroxide on it, then anti-bacterial cream. I repeated that for about a week then decided I need to stop torturing her and take her to the Vet. I really had a bad feeling it was cancer or something horrible. Her wonderful doctor knew what it was before she even saw it, just by asking me of its location. She lifted her gum and confirmed that it was an abscessed tooth causing the problem. I have never seen or known of anything like that; it was pretty darn gross.

Last Thursday she had the tooth removed as well as a cleaning. I really hate to take her, because of her age and lameness it's such a chore. She couldn't even walk when I picked her up. I was alone and the struggle to get her in/out of the car and into the house was such a challenge. She couldn't walk until evening and it took her about 2 days to get back to  her normal old-dog self. She's now on an antibiotic which adds another challenge of how she will take it. Peanut butter did the trick!

About that same time my Daughter felt another kidney stone trying to painfully make its way through the gauntlet. This is her third bout in less than a year so she knows to just start drinking more water.......and wait. She felt good on Friday when she came home but worse on Saturday as the pain traveled from her back around to the front.

Since she has to back to college on Sunday, I thought we better go to Acute Care to see what's up. We spent two hours there and came away with no answers. An x-ray didn't prove the stone was stuck in the bladder but he also suspected a hernia or possibly appendix problems. He suggested we go to the ER right away. We looked at each other and said "Nah." I told him we would just wait it out. I know her well enough to know that she was not in enough pain to warrant an emergency room. He reiterated that we should go, but we just went home instead.

She felt better by Sunday, and has been good ever since....until next time.

These kids of mine better stop getting sick, I'm getting worn out.


Grumpy said…
At least you only have to carry one of them.
Valerie said…
Hope both casualties are okay now. If the abscessed tooth was anything like the one I had I really feel sorry for your dog.
Mr. Shife said…
Hope both of the kiddos are feeling better now. Take care kden and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.

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