My 3 Favorite Things

Thanks to Valerie for this idea. It may be simple, but had never thought about it.

So my 3 favorite things are, in no particular order:

Friday night popcorn night. I have been having popcorn for dinner on Friday's for at least 30 years. It used to be Thursdays when my Husband would take that night to go visit his young kids when they lived with their mother. He would go have dinner and I enjoyed my time alone. As the years went on and our daughter got old enough to eat popcorn we switched to Friday nights. It's the perfect end to a week. I enjoy a glass of wine after work, make a large bottle of pop in the Soda Stream and the popping begins.

I love doing things with Hubby and The Kid, whether it's just going to a movie, local park, weekend, or a full week away from home. We are at our best as Team Mozzarella. We enjoy taking pictures and all of our favorite things to do is walking on the beach. I know this won't last forever so we take full advantage of it when we can.

My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. It is the awakening and sleeping of Mother Earth. Summer is alright, until it gets too hot and Winter just sucks all the way around.

So there you have it, my 3 favorite things. Now to be fair I think a future blog post will have to be my 3 least favorite things.


Grumpy said…
Why do I get the feeling that the post about your least favorite things will be longer?
kden said…
Grumpy, you know me too well....
Valerie said…
The popcorn 'session' sounds terrific - and so cosy.

You did well, I think I might start thinking about my favourite things.
Claire M. King said…
Great post. Ahhh...retrospect.

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