In My Favor....But Still

When I was younger I was quite the perfectionist on keeping my checkbook balanced to the penny. I would spend hours just to get it right. These days, I don't mind if I'm off as long as it's in my favor.

This past statement had me again spending hours, not because I was short, but because I was off by over 600 bucks in my favor. How can someone add/subtract that badly? I found a few small mistakes my husband and I had made but still far from where I should be. I had been juggling money around from our daughter's savings account to get her car, then put back what we didn't need. I wrote a couple of large checks but those are the easy ones to track so what's the deal? I've been off for months but not to that degree. I even took everything to my mom's so I could use her big-ass calculator; no luck. I went online to my credit union and looked at the real time figures, still didn't help. Everything has been checked off twice and re-checked way back to June. If I ever do find my mistake I know I'm going to feel stupid at why I should have caught the mistake earlier--because it shouldn't be this hard.

I always figure things will 'adjust next month' but it doesn't. Next month I'm just going to add my windfall, go out to dinner, and call it balanced.


Grumpy said…
As soon as you spend it the bank will find their error and charge you back.
Valerie said…
What a nightmare.... at least it would be for me. I hate figures. Fortunately hubby is an accountant... need I say more?!
fernvalley01 said…
sometimes walking away and when you come back its right in front of you . Though I have had it where even if I was shown the error I don't think I could see it lol
Mr. Shife said…
Well I hope the windfall stays in your favor. I am not a big fan of balancing the check book but since I haven't won the Powerball recently, it has to be done. Take care kden.

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