As you know, many states have been engulfed by fires. If you are not in the actual fire areas, you are still in the pathway of the smoke depending on which way the wind is blowing. One day we were surrounded by smoke from all burning areas. You can see us in the blue dot, totally engulfed.

It wasn't too bad in the morning, but by afternoon the air had turned thick and ashy. I was at my Moms and kept the door opening to a minimum. After I left her place I had to go downtown to check on my 'exciting' appointment before heading home. News feeds were spitting out new air quality levels every hour. At the worst of it, it had reached 330, which is in the Hazardous level of the index. I heard the air had not been that bad since Mt. St. Helen's blew 35 years ago.

By the time I got home I felt sick. After being in the house awhile you could even smell smoke inside. It burns the eyes, throat, and nose. I came up with my bank robber mask to help me until I went to bed. I did take it off to eat popcorn though!

The next day was beautiful as the winds had changed. But as the fires continue, the winds shift and the index levels go up and down and the smoke is blowing across the country. But still we have our home, when many have been lost. So it's a small price to pay when all is considered.


D. Duplessis said…
But on the plus side, with that mask you're wearing, you're totally ready to rob the afternoon stagecoach!

The smoke/fires are horrible for sure. That used to happen us in Alaska every few years when I lived up there. It seems to getting worse and worse. Climate change, anyone?
Valerie said…
I hate fire smoke at the best of times but to live so near to such fires would be awful. The masks if very nice, though.
Grumpy said…
Does the smoke smell cling to things in your home, like carpet, drapes, linens etc.?
kden said…
It doesn't seem like it Grumpy. I can imagine those that live closer have more problems with that.
Mr. Shife said…
We had it bad down here in Boise but nothing like you guys got. Somebody told me Lewiston's air quality was the second-worst in the world during the height of those fires. Crazy. Hope things have cleared up and you get to enjoy a nice, long weekend.

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