New Wheels

It's been a darn busy summer. And a good one too. It felt more like Christmas when we moved our daughter out of her boyfriend's place and found her a new apartment for school. We've been taking loads of stuff to her place the last few weekends. Our last trip, and to leave her there, will be tomorrow. She will be back next weekend though, ha.

Our vacation was fantastic because we were all back together. My Mom is doing a little better and starting to get interested in her crafts again. I think she still needs me though and likes having me around. I hope so anyway.

My Husband spent the most part of the summer taking The Kid driving. I was too nervous to go at first but now feel pretty comfortable with her at the wheel. She's good at driving although has not hit the freeway yet. She has trouble with parking, backing up, and those fun things that you need to do to pass a driving test, but she is getting there.

In between driving lessons, we were looking for a car for her. Many lots and cars later she realized that she needed something bigger in able to see the road better. We found a small lot where the owner is a one man show. We called about a car in particular and when we got there, he just handed us the keys and said to go for a drive. Not pushy at all, he agreed to fix a few things and even dropped the price. He arranged to get new tires and an alignment at his cost. It was one of the most pleasant car buying experiences ever!

So we are now a three car family and I just might take over driving this until she gets her license :) Welcome to the family little '97 Rav 4!


Grumpy said…
Good choice. More comfortable, better visibility and safer than a small car.
Mr. Shife said…
Well that's awesome. Congrats and enjoy the new ride.
Valerie said…
I remember how it felt to own my first car.... hope your daughter gets lots of pleasure driving hers.
Claire M. King said…
What a happy post! Glad you had fun this summer.
fernvalley01 said…
great choice! I love my rav! And had wanted one for years before I got it, I have driven a 97 model and loved it too

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