Are you ready to finally hear about my 'exciting' appointment? My daughter and I have been talking about having this done for quite awhile but there was either a timing or financial issue. Finally, we took the plunge. We were finally going to get our tattoos.

It's a long process, not only in the tattooing itself, but in the designing too. First you have to find a place to have it done. We didn't even know where to start. I found a conversation going on FB about a place and a guy (the owner) that does watercolor. That's how I wanted mine done but after texting him back and forth, his price was a lot higher so I figured I would have to pass on the watercolor technique.

My daughter and I just walked in his shop one day and looked through some books of the different artists' work. One does a combination of regular, plus watercolor. We both agreed to choose Ben. The next step is to make an appointment for a consultation where you tell/show him your ideas and he starts drawing it out. The Kid sort of knew what she wanted so they talked it through. He emailed her his concept and she tweaked it some more before she got exactly what she wanted.

I knew what I wanted and although had a picture, I knew he could make it better. We made our appointment for the same day, one right after the other. Since I was out of commission I had to reschedule so her dad took her and picked her up. She was gone for 3 hours and came home with this. I think  it's real pretty and she's happy with how it turned out. She just wanted it simple with the tree in black and then blue flowers. Hers ended up being 4 x 6.5.

I finally got back downtown to see my concept and liked it a lot. He sketches in pencil and we talk about colors. I made my appointment for the following week. As I laid on my side, the woman who basically keeps the place going came over to talk (to distract me from the pain). She said some people like the distraction and some don't, it was up to me. I consider myself a tough person and figured if my daughter could do it, so could I. I was not prepared for this type of pain. It felt like he was carving into my leg with a paring knife. My first thought was "What in the F*^! am I doing here?" The woman kept talking to me and I kept my brave face on. The outlines hurt the most and down toward the ankle too. I almost chewed my arm off once it hurt so bad. All I could imagine was my leg looking like hamburger; a big old bloody mess. I read later that color hurts more because they go over and over the same area. I can attest to that and am glad I didn't read that before I went.

About an hour and-a-half in, he said he was done. I wanted more blue water and more color in the starfishes so he kept working. I figured I will never do this again, so I wanted it a little brighter. It only added to the torture but I was happier with the finished product. The tattoo is covered in saran wrap for a few hours, then I needed to clean it and lightly put lotion on. My leg was swollen and so painful. I did not sleep well that first night but it's getting better every day. Someone may not like tattoos but you've got to admire people that can deal with the pain. I have a lot more admiration and can appreciate the art that goes into it. As mine feels better, I like it more. Mine measures in at 7 x 2.5. I've used an outline drawing of a starfish for an avatar ever since I started this blog; now I've got something closer to the real deal. And now you know that you are looking at my leg, ha!

Basically the experience boils down to this: I really, really, love it! I'm glad I did it! I will never do it again!!

Pretty enough to be framed


Grumpy said…
Wow! Those are really well done. Yes, the pain is, well, painful. Has anybody told you that tats are addictive? Bet you're already thinking about your next design.

Well done, both of you.
Grumpy said…
I went back for a closer look. In the Kid's you can really get the sense that the wind is blowing. Yours, with your skin as the background, looks like starfish washed up on a beach as the wave recedes after depositing them there. If that was your intention, the artist nailed it.
kden said…
Thanks! I'm not sure what my intention was other than I wanted starfish and water. I didn't realize it looked like a sandy background until my Mom said my sand was 'wrinkly' :) If I was younger I might think about another but I got what I wanted and I think that's enough. Faith says 'maybe someday'.
Claire M. King said…
I really like it kden! Nice!
Valerie said…
Oh my goodness, you are sooo brave. I often wondered whether to do this but the coward in me decided against. Have to admit that it looks nice and you'll enjoy it more now the pain has gone.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome. I love it. Excellent work. I have had 5 tattoo sessions and the one that hurt the worst was on the outside of my ankle because they were working around a bone. Way to go kden.

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