Recline Me

For awhile I had been seeing a FB ad for reclining seats in certain Regal theaters. Not the old reclining seats, but actual recliners. I checked on one of ours and to my surprise they had them. I'm all for comfort so went to check it out. Reserving the seats is just like picking concert tickets. You have 6 minutes to make your purchase and it was a bit confusing. I thought only the lower half of the theater had the seats but when we got there, the entire room was full of them.

Passing the long ticket line we headed right to the ticket taker and went on to find our seats. Oh yes, very comfy! I would love to have one of those at home. We saw "A Walk In The Woods" with Nick Nolte and Robert Redford. It was a great movie and the struggle of the hike looked convincing on the red face of old overweight Nick. They kept us laughing through the whole  movie.

On the way out I stopped at the customer service desk and asked if it was necessary to reserve the seats because I didn't like the 4.50 service charge through Fandango. She said as soon as the 6 remaining theater rooms were done, that will be the only way to buy movie tickets; either online or to come in to reserve them for a future date. So you either have to add the service charge to your night out or make an extra trip to reserve seats.

There are several movies coming up we'd like to see and for a special treat it's really nice to put your feet up. Now if they would let me wear my jammies, I'd have it made. All except for that strange dude sitting next to me in my living room.


Valerie said…
How great is that ... a cinema where you can actually relax. It's a long time since I went to a cinema or theatre so I don't know if they have ventured into reclining seats. If they had it might persuade me to go. They do look very comfortable, though the cost might be prohibitive.
Grumpy said…
I would fall asleep.
Claire M. King said…
Now I will have to go to a movie and check out our local theaters. I haven't been to a movie in probably 6-7 years. Nice picture to put in your blog.

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