Weep For The Willow

I am such a sentimental sap sometimes. We recently had a tree die, a Weeping Pussy Willow. Just a few weeks ago I noticed that the leaves were brown and dead. It's been pretty warm here so I gave it more water. Hubby called a master gardener from a local plant store and he was kind enough to come by and give his diagnosis.

It didn't take him long to say it was dead, probably due to the cold dip we had last November which didn't give trees enough time to acclimate to the colder weather. Fungus was already taking over the trunk, another indication of a dead tree.

We planted that little baby in 2000, along with the rest of our trees and shrubs. Looking back at pictures I can't believe how tiny everything was.

I was willing to hire someone to take it out but my Husband insisted that he could do it. With the exception of one very big Arborvitae, he has taken out every shrub and tree at this place. I really didn't think he'd be able to do it but he sawed it down and then cut limbs off, and finally dug out the roots. He required no medical attention and not even a single Advil. He did however take a nap to recover. I would still be in bed!

Several families of sparrows have called that tree home. All this stuff was taken out and this is only about half of it. The rest of it is still jammed in the tree. Sparrows are not very tidy nest makers. I'm just glad there were no babies in it. Our dog has also loved this tree to lie under; summer or winter. It was her sentry point in the corner of the yard, her view of the world.

I'm not sure what will go in its place. My husband would like another Lilac but I'm not ready to jump in yet and plant something else right away. Maybe a tall pole with a bird house condo would be a nice change.

Still I will miss that little tree. We have put a lot of work into this yard and it was like one of the family. I told you, sappy.


Grumpy said…
I get it. You plant, you fertilize, you water and then it just dies, even after all your efforts to keep it alive. Makes me sad when we lose a plant, shrub or tree.
Valerie said…
I can't bear to lose a tree. There are many in my garden but not one that I would want rid of. Your husband did a good job, though, it's not an easy task to remove a tree. Interesting that you have sparrows... I haven't seen any for a few years.

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