Emergency Rooms Are Interesting Places

I've been to a few emergency rooms in my days, either for myself or with My Lady, and although the experience can be stressful, it's also very interesting at what you'll see there.

The Kid texted me last Saturday about 7:45 pm telling me she felt terrible and it was in a lot of pain. She had felt like that for a few days. We (as internet Doctors) just felt it was a bladder infection and she should go to the walk-in clinic in Cheney. She even had a friend that would take her. Well she didn't go and waited until her boyfriend went to work that night to text me.

After wasting time texting I decided I should just go get her and bring her back to go to the hospital. We arrived at 9:00 pm and naturally the place was busy. We knew it would be a long night so we settled in to do some people watching. I told her it was like being in Walmart, but everyone is sick.

There were plenty of little kids with freaked out parents; coughing, bleeding, crying kids. Limping, coughing, impatient, puking adults also filled the room. We moved to a corner once to get away from people with pink buckets. Another woman and her teen daughter quickly joined us. We spent the time cringing when the coughing people had no regards for others to put a mask on. One woman actually sat down right next to us hacking away. Some of the people that walked in were uh.......it's so hard to put into words. But you haven't really experienced life until you're sitting in an ER late at night.

One by one people would get called back and finally about 11:00 or so it was our turn. We were led to one of the trauma rooms, it was so large and full of equipment. It felt like we were on the set of a TV show. We could see our new friends across the nurse's station in their own room soon after.

They did the usual tests and when nothing came back conclusive, they decided to to a CT scan. More waiting.....and for me who is usually asleep by 10:00, this was very hard. Finally the Doctor comes in and said that The Kid has kidney stones, two of them. This was just so surprising to me and I didn't even think of that possibility. But I also thought it was impossible that she could have shingles at age 7, but she did. He felt they were small enough to pass on their own so they gave her some filters to catch the stones if possible to take to a urologist. I don't see this as an option while going to classes. Is she supposed to carry the filters in her backpack all day?

We finally got out of there at 2:00 am with a prescription to Hydrocodone which I doubt she will take, but we filled the next day anyway on our way to take her back to school. I told her I enjoy spending time with her didn't really want to do it that way. I'm grateful it was nothing more serious and that she was close enough for me to go and get her. Even if she had gone to the clinic, they wouldn't have had the means to treat her as the hospital did. Now as long as we can stay healthy from being in such a den of germs, we should be OK.


Grumpy said…
If you're not sick when you go to the ER or doctor's office, you will be after you leave. Glad to hear it was relatively minor.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad everything went as well as could be expected from a trip to the ER. Fortunately, we were able to make it to an urgent care just in time so we got to avoid the ER. It is a fascinating place with all sorts of interesting people. Take care, kden.

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