It Takes All Kinds

I've been going to my gym now for about 2 months. I haven't met anyone I actually converse with but I see a lot of the same people when I go.

Most of the members seem to be folks like me; kind of middle aged just trying to stay in shape or maybe just getting started. We all still carry our little cheat sheets around. Quite a few are even older than me, so kudos to them.

One guy is usually on the bike when I walk in, either texting or talking on his phone. Seems a bit counter productive to me.

Another dude likes to sing along to his music while he's on the treadmill. It's not the entire song though, just snippets and it comes out of nowhere (and loud) which makes him sound like he's got Tourette's.

One very fit guy spends a lot of time on the elliptical machine but he clears this throat constantly. Please just drink some water buddy.

Then there are the Prissy Girls who don't look like they even need to be there (meow). They're dressed in their finest work out gear and give me the stink eye for wearing my baggy t-shirt and jeans. As they leave, they unfurl their long hair and walk away without one bead of sweat on their brow.

The Jock Girls are kind of the same but they seem more dedicated and normal and they sweat.

The Elite Jocks are men and women who stand around and block machines while talking about their most recent feats of fitness.

The club provides, and suggests that we use disinfecting wipes to use after we use each machine. I'd say about only half do. Prissy Girls and Jock Girls do not. It seems like people my age and older do; you know, the normal ones. There are a few that take the practice much too seriously and use the wipes to wrap around the handles while using them. I'm not that much of germophobe, but before I leave the building I wash my hands thoroughly. I don't need any Prissy or Jock Girl germs.

So there you have it, the breakdown of the people that visit my gym. I'm sure if you attend one too, you see all the same exact people.


Grumpy said…
It is the same everywhere. Great analysis, we all recognize the types.
Claire M. King said…
Nice explanations of the folks at the gym. I've only had one brief membership to a gym...years ago. It was small and boring and lifeless. I've been debating about checking one out near me...they have a pool too. Kudos to yourself for being active!
fernvalley01 said…
yup, takes all kinds!

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