Kden's back in the hood. Kinda Sorta. I'll be back to snarky soon, but I have been busy. I've got another blog. "What?", you say. "She can't even keep up with what she's got!" But this one is so different that you may think that I have a split personality. Believe me, I sometimes think that myself. That's just part of being a Gemini  I guess.

Awhile ago Claire wrote about her male friend and how he needed to "self evaluate" himself.  I specifically remember those words and thinking that I've never done that because I yam what I yam and people can take it or leave it.

But because of my last post, I've been doing that---a lot. And something hit me so hard that I really needed to do something about it.

So I invite you on over to Inspired by Travis. This is the only link you will ever find to it, I will not put it on my sidebar. I haven't even told my husband and daughter about it because I'm afraid they'll think I've cracked.

I'm doing it mostly for myself but I did want to show you what I've been up to. If you feel it's weird, stupid, loco, morbid, self-serving, or anything else negative, I beg of you not to tell me. I couldn't deal with that right now. If you like it, cool. If not, that's cool too, just don't tell me. And please don't feel that you have to stop over weekly to see the updates. I think it would quickly become very mundane, and I don't want to make stuff up just to impress you, ha. And if someday you look and don't find it, then you'll know that I have failed miserably and deleted it.

Thanks for standing by me and waiting until I'm ready to write again.  I'll be back to normal in a few days.


Grumpy said…
Oh boy, a new adventure. Count me in.
bill said…
I might have known ... a gemini.
kden said…
That's a good thing though, right Bill?
bill said…
It is. Since we're both Geminis, it is a good thing.
Claire King said…
Good for you! I may email you to get help finding it. Hope you are feeling better.
Mr. Shife said…
Good luck with it all, and glad to stand by your side. Take care.

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