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How did a sorority party in Spokane turn into a costume party gone bad? A Spokesman-Review front page story summed it up like this:

The young ladies of the Delta Kappa Nu sorority were holding a party in which they all dressed up as characters in the Bingville Bugle comic strip. At some point during the party, one young lady witnessed a hand reach in through an open window and make off with four dozen doughnuts, “the entire doughnut supply.” She reported that he was a “hobo” (although how she could tell just from a hand was unclear).

The sorority girls, dressed as various Bingville hillbillies, “sallied forth” into the backyard to find the hobo and get their doughnuts back. They found nothing in the darkness so they enlisted Colonel, the house St. Bernard, to help them search. Colonel proceeded to lunge and “attack” a shadowy figure. It was not the hobo, but one of the sorority girls, dressed as Doc Livermore.

She was uninjured but shaken. They all “fled” back to the house, where they carried on with their party, minus hobo and doughnuts.
A Halloween party without hobo's or doughnuts? That's just not right! Happy Halloween.


bill said…
But what happened to the donuts? Some think the Colonel may not be telling all he knows.

I always liked to read those those files from the past.
kden said…
I do too Bill. They crack me up on how serious they took some issues.
Grumpy said…
I'll bring the donuts.
fernvalley01 said…
Seriously 4 was the entire supply of donuts?
fernvalley01 said…
Oh never mind! LOL I Am tired thia moring , four DOZEN ( I read 4 frozen)
kden said…
4 frozen, good one Fern!
I think Bill has hit the nail on the head. The Colonel did it.
Mr. Shife said…
I love this story. I think I love the fact that they had a Saint Bernard named Colonel ... so awesome. Hope you had a great Halloween.

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