Who Do You Mute?

Are you one of those that frequently mutes TV commericals? I personally only mute one but Hubby and Daughter do more.

In the morning I watch the local news and there is one commerical that runs twice in one block at almost the same time every day. It's for a liquidation warehouse and I think the owner does the voice over. His voice is so annoying that I keep the remote right by me and I can almost guess when it's going to come on. So on goes the mute until both of them are over.

Hubby and Daughter mute the ED commercials. Personally I find them funny how they turn a kitchen touch into an outdoor oasis just ripe for makin' luv. I like to add my own words, it's funnier that way.

Hubby mutes all political ads and any commercial that touts the newest medication. Particularly because they have to tell you that you could die from taking it. So he always yells at the TV, "Why in the hell should we take it then you a$$holes?"

He talks to the TV a lot, I just tell him they can't hear him but he doesn't stop. Seriously, I've been dealing with him yelling at the TV for almost 30 years. Maybe I should leave the commercials alone and mute him instead.

So who do you mute?


Grumpy said…
I don't mute anything, but I talk to the commercials too. Also talk at the local news people who have to be the biggest morons on the planet.
bill said…
I seldom watch television, so I don't mute. On the occasion when I do watch a program with my wife (to get in some quality time together)She usually mutes the commercials, which I most often find more entertaining than the program. I do get the remote for ballgames and other important stuff. Total opposites on everything, we are.
fernvalley01 said…
I don't mute but I do wander off during comercials
I mute the 'go compare' bloke with the really annoying opera voice. I really enjoy making sarcastic remarks to people on tele, but I'm much too polite to do it in real life, and I really, really, enjoy shouting at football players on screen.
Breathe said…
I live my life television free. We watch Netflix, but that's it. When I come acrss television it's strangely novel.
Mr. Shife said…
We just fast forward through all the commercials if we have it saved on the DVR, but if we have to watch it live then we mute all of the commercials. It is annoying how commercials are louder than the show you are watching even though you have not touched the volume.
Claire King said…
I don't mute, but I have the last two channels to hit the "last" button on remote and watch a different show for the two or three minutes commercials are on the "last" channel. I go back and forth. did this make sense? LOL!
Peruby said…
What's a commercial?

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