We're Not Farm Folk

Last weekend we took a little trip into the next state to a cute little B&B on a farm. This time of year we always try and take one more weekend trip to tide us over until Spring. And we inlude our dog on these trips. I found this B&B online so made the arrangements for the 22nd which happened to be my husband's birthday. I don't know how he lucks out on having our little trips land on his BD but they always do. He turned 65 this year! Yikes, officially a Senior Citizen.

The weather forcast called for rain but there's not much you can do about that, so off we went. It's only about an hour and-a-half drive so it was a pretty quick trip. We wanted to get there early because our daughter checked out a nice camera from school and we wanted to get some pics before everyone else showed up.

After we got settled in our room, which was quite nice by the way, we headed outside. A mama cat and a kitten were right outside the door and they don't let cats in the house, so we were trying to NOT let them in and keep our dog at bay. She has a fixation with cats, trembling, salivating, and ready to lunge. My husband had her and I was carrying my camera, gloves, and tripod and all of a sudden the Mama cat jumped from a chair on top of Nellie's head. She meant business. I tried to get in between them and she came at Nellie right between my legs and got us both. Dang, that hurt. Nellie's nose was bleeding and so was my leg but I decided to deal with it later.

We finally got off the porch and met the owner's aging, one-eyed dog. I was hoping there would not be another altercation but she was pretty mellow and just followed us. Then the kitten decided it wanted to follow too. This little thing could not have been more than about 5 weeks old and was mewing the whole time so we all took off down the lane. It reminded me of the Homeward Bound movies.
There is a small barn with chickens, goats, a Llama and horses. We were headed that way but this big ol' Rooster started coming toward us and I really didn't want to get attacked by a chicken, thank you very much, so we veered off.

The old dog and kitten were till underfoot and Nellie was lunging and trying to get it. Nellie is not a large dog but she can sure pull when she wants something. She was dragging my poor hubby all through the field. After getting some nice pictures we decided to head back where I tended to Nellie's and my wounds. My leg was already starting to swell and bruise up, lovely.

Hubby and I went out a bit later to get hopefully get some new profile pics for Facebook. It was a lovely golden evening and we found a lovely golden cat, which was not interested in attacking me at all. In fact he was very friendly and purrfect and obliged me with a photo.

As typical with most B&B's there is no TV, but we brought the laptop and a couple of movies. We had full run of the kitchen to prepare our own meal but dinner for us was popcorn. The other guests for the night either went out I guess or headed to a haunted house nearby. Soon, a huge storm rolled in with rain, thunder and lightening. I found it odd to have such a storm like that in October. Thankfully it was over by the time it was to take Nellie out one more time. Hubby wouldn't take her out so I did. Man it was dark and I didn't bring the flashlight. I heard wolves in the distance which freaked me out so it was a quick trip. Back inside we got ready for bed.
This is my bed
We all slept good and breakfast was great the next morning. It was a nice so we went out for a walk and more pics. I talked my daughter into facing out fears of the Rooster and headed to the barn. It was small but fun to see all the baby chicks and one very friendly goat. My daughter got some good shots of him. This is Nellie checking him out, and visa versa.

A quick walk around to check out what we didn't see the night before and then we loaded up the car to go home. I think we were all more than happy to get back to the city.

We had a good time but if we were ever to return, we would have to make other arrangements with Nellie. Mostly for the cat reason but she also didn't like the tile floor, she's scared of slick surfaces and very gingerly tip-toed around the whole time. Then other people brought their 2 dogs and I guess it was just a bit much..for me. It's like taking a toddler on a trip, sometimes more trouble than it's worth. I have some nicer pictures over at PictorialSoul if you'd like to take a look.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like a great trip. You've inspired me to find a B&B where we can take our dog. A farm setting is really cool, but only when you know you can leave and go back to the city.

Nellie probably learned her lesson about messing with cats.
kden said…
Grumpy, I just did a search for 'dog friendly lodging'. And no she hasn't learned her lesson, she's too set in her ways, kind of like me.
Grumpy said…
We found a cabin near a state park last year by doing a similar search. Remember, Google is your friend.
fernvalley01 said…
The first cat sounds like My Rowdy cat,he was OK with dogs unless provoked and then Yeehaw! beat the ever loving crap out of the nieghborts Sharpei!
Otherwise sounds like a nice outing
That rooster was probably wondering what it had done wrong. I bet those farm animals think,'oh no, not more townies!'
I cant make up my mind if you and your husband enjoyed the break, or not.
bill said…
It sounds like a different change of pace. Quite, peaceful, picturesque, mutt and camera friendly. Bet you had a good time.
Claire King said…
Thanks for sharing. Glad you got away and were able to take some nice shots. PictorialSoul was nice too. You look great.

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