What The Hell Wednesday # 8

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Homework Over The Summer??? WTH?

My daughter is in Honors English. She has been since 7th Grade and will be again later this fall as a Sophomore. So to be in the Honors class you have to do a homework assignment and if you don't, you are out. Just like that, right from the first day of school. No assignment, no Honors. WTH?

First they have to buy and read a novel from a choice of about 30 books. No problem for my daughter; she lives and breathes books. Then they have to journal their novel with their choice of two formats to use. That's where I get lost. Format #1 is a Four Square Journal and format #2 is a Triple Entry Journal. And then they have to create a 4x6 note-card with pertinent information from the novel, so they can study for the AP Literature exam. WTH?

This is not as assignment that can be done in a couple of days, it will take weeks. Weeks out of summer, which should be a time for spending with friends, vacations, and just having a good time NOT being in school.

I have no doubt that my daughter will do this assignment early and do it well without any problems. But it's the fact that she has to, that bugs me. This class supposedly will prepare them to skip 11th and 12th grade English and begin college work instead, as Juniors and Seniors. WTH? Well, let's just start them out in Kindergarten with  Jr. High coursework.

I guess I'm just an old fashioned dummy who never got A's except in art but this seems too high pressured to me. They started training for this type of journaling and writing since grade school and early on I didn't have a clue to what they were doing. She seems to take it all in stride though and I know her hard work and attitude will carry her a lot further in life than I am.

What made the whole explanation of assignment so laughable is the teacher signed off by saying "Have a nice summer, and I'll see you in September." WTH!


Seems that school is becoming year around, whether we want it too or not
Terry said…
My daughter also has a reading assignment over the summer...she's not in honor's....she's going into 8th grade....What happens is she waits until the last minute then tells me she has no idea what she read...and can I do it for her??? In order to even help her I have to read the book too.....
Ahhhhh.....summer reading should be optional!
Grumpy said…
It seems that with academic requirements like this and endless activities, kids have less time to just enjoy being kids. But if she can get college credits while still in high school, that will be a benefit.
Elle said…
Isn't summer supposed to be a time for relaxing, swimming, hanging with friends and just being a kid? At least she's taking it in stride.

Thanks for joining us for WTHW again!
Stacy said…
Okay that just sucks!! That would bug me too! At least she's super smart and enjoys the work! I have the problem that if someone "tells" me to do something, I won't do it. Problem with authority :) Thanks for joining us today!!
Breathe said…
My daughter loves homework. She's 7. I am not sure if there's a medication for that.
Claire King said…
Hopefully your daughter will be able to squeeze in some fun along the way this summer. I have a daughter who was in advanced everything, but still had fun with her friends. Though, she put herself through Gonzaga Univeristy and was recruited to be a teacher through "Teach for America." She moved to TX after college graduation and this is her 4th year there. She makes more money than me..benefits await your daughter.
Rising Rainbow said…
I'm not sure what summer's supposed to be anymore.The weather is so lousy here reading is probably the only activity that makes sense.

The only think I can say about the situation with your daughter would be this. Having been to college and all the crap they expect you to do there, if it is her aspiration to graduate from college getting some of those required college courses done in high school will probably make her transition into college much easier. That might make the sacrifice of summer schoolwork worth it to her.

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