What The Hell Wednesday # 10

WARNING!!!  If anyone has an aversion to the F word, you may as well pass on this one. I just had to use it.

My 10th WTH! To see more, go see Blue Monkey Butt. They are the highlight of my week!

THEY STOLE MY BABIES! WTH? If you've been reading for awhile you know that I've been making glass totems. I've made ten of them so far and have kept them all.

Last week as I was leaving for work I saw this little ball on the sidewalk at the end of my alley. It looked like my dogs ball. WTH? How did that get outside the fence, she doesn't even play with it anymore? I saw a guy next to a car talking on his cell phone so I didn't want to embarrass myself by getting out of my car to look at a stupid ball. Before I got to work I pulled over to call my daughter and tell her to go look at it. I assumed she did and didn't hear back from her so I figured I had made a mistake. Because if it was my dogs ball, that means that someone had been in our yard.

I forgot about it until I was on my way home and had a feeling that one of my glass totems was gone. As soon as I got out of the garage I looked to where I had proudly placed it, and it was gone. WTH? Surprised? No, it's happened before. Mad? you bet. Sad? Sad enough to cry. I got in my car and drove to where a couple of brats live that I know were in my yard before. Of course nothing, so I drove home. At the place where the dude had been on the phone I saw broken car glass. I surmised that whoever took my stuff used it to break out his car window. My art has been used for evil, WTH?

I'm so tired of little punks coming into my yard and stealing my stuff, especially yard art. When the pedestals and gazing balls were popular, the ball disappeared in broad daylight as we were unloading from a vacation. WTH? And then the pedestal disappeared at another time. I wouldn't consider our house easy to access. We are on a corner but it sits up high and if you were to hop the fence, you'd have to climb up a rock wall first. So they probably just walked in the unlocked back gate from the alley. Never-mind the huge yard light we have or sensor spotlights right at the gate.

We don't live in a bad neighborhood, at least I didn't think so. It's mostly full of elderly people and families and we know most of them. But the side street is used a lot as a way to get to the school, park, and the pool so there is always a lot of people walking by.

There's nothing I can do about it, cops don't care about something like that. So I decided to write a little note and attach it to my fence. Sure, it's laughable and hardly true about a camera but it made me feel better temporarily.

Then I got uneasy because the next morning we were going away for the weekend. Geez, what's next, are they going to come in and steal my stuff? As I was taking a shower the morning we were supposed to leave I got to thinking about another piece that was close by the first one. I didn't even check for it. I threw a robe on and ran out to look. WTH, they took that one too! I had used a beautiful sunflower  tea cup and saucer that a good friend gave me. After I made it I sent her a picture of it to show her and said that I put it in a place where I can see it every day. Now her gift is gone. More tears, big old sobby baby tears. It broke my heart.

So we left and I fretted all weekend worrying if the rest of them would be gone when we got home, but then I just didn't care anymore. That's what they've done to me, I just don't care. I did file a police report yesterday afternoon but know that it will not do any good.

And the note? Someone took it last night. WTH?


Elle said…
I would be so pissed and upset too. I just can't understand how people can do crap like that. I'm sorry it happened and hope it doesn't happen again. Thanks for joining us again for your 10th WTHW!!
fernvalley01 said…
Awe nuts! that is just rotten , nasty little buggers! Glad you have pictures of the one your friends gift was part off at least
Anne said…
I can't believe someone stole your sign. That is the topper on the cake. I am glad to hear that no one stole everything while you were on vacation. I would turn into Gladys Kravitz if someone kept stealing my stuff. I would just constantly watch it.
Grumpy said…
I'm really pissed they took another piece of your art and now the sign. It's bad enough that someone steals from your yard, but stealing something you created just seems to make it worse.

I hope you catch the bastards in the act.
Stacy said…
I think you're going to have to set up a camera now! WTH, they stole the freakin' sign too??! Ugh! I would be so mad and upset too. Maybe you should have a new sign that says, "Violators will be shot on site".

Thanks for joining us!

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